How to Search Kent's Videos

How to Search Kent's Videos

With over 1100 on Youtube and almost 200 on his website this will help

Almost everyday now we get requests for help trying to find a specific video. As of March 2017 Kent has produced almost 1300 videos and on average 3 to 4 new videos are being posted every week. It is hard for even us to keep track of them all and we can not answer questions unless YOU TELL US the specific video you are asking about.  Here is the best way to search Youtube video content:

To search for a specific video inside Kent's channel,  first go to our Mercedessource Youtube Channel homepage. To get their quickly type "mercedessource channel" in the general search box on Youtube or you can even do it in any internet search. Click on Kent's picture by where the title says Mercedessource ( see picture above ).

I don't know why Youtube has made it so hard for viewers to search. They should just have a big search box like google, but they have chosen to make it difficult for you to find. If you look at the home page image can you see a SEARCH BOX??? It is there but it is hidden behind that little manifying glass just after the work ABOUT. Click on the magnifying glass to open the search box.!!  

Once you find the search box you are on your way to finding specific videos Kent has done on certain subjects. Just type a few key words in the search box and click search. Above you see we entered "sunroof grease" and look at all the videos that came up related to just this search!