Kent’s Garage Episode 11

Kent’s Garage Episode 11

New Rescue, Maintenance Records, Door Lube, Safety, & Detailing

There is something for everyone is this video. Even if you don’t like working on cars you will get a good laugh out of watching. He will go over a number of different topics and even leave in a few “bloopers.” You will soon realize he is back on his lubrication “high horse” again. Here is a list of what he covers in this video:

Whats in the Video

  • Newest member of Kent’s fleet introduced
  • Look at the maintenance records
  • Attempts to get it started
  • Checking for fuel at injectors
  • Testing glow plugs
  • Diesel compression test
  • Major fuel leak fixed
  • Inside door regulator and latch lubrication
  • Door hinge lubrication
  • Extreme engine detailing
  • Safety suspension “wash down” 
  • More on getting your doors to work smoothly

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Episode 11: