Kent’s Garage: Episode 6

Kent’s Garage: Episode 6

Making your engine pretty, Q and A and saving big $$$ on car repairs

In this episode Kent will give you an update on his 1976 240D. Painting the engine block has made a huge improvement on how the engine looks now. You will get to see the paint brushes and techniques he uses to apply just the right sheen of black enamel. Next he will tackle the aluminum parts. Here are some of the other topics he covers in this video.

  • Demonstration of new style kneeling creeper
  • LED complete conversion kits coming
  • How to power you instrument lights in the cluster on the bench
  • Lubricatng a sunroof - what is the first step
  • Sunroof repair resources available
  • What is “PM.”
  • Need cupholder manufacturer
  • What about a G class
  • Headlight wiper maintenance
  • Timing chain stretch
  • Automatic transmission troubles

The video ends with Kent explaining how he saved $1300 repairing his electric engine fan in his S500. This is a good example of how you too can save big money too on car repairs.

Kent's Garage: Episode 6

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