Kent’s Garage Episode 9

Kent’s Garage Episode 9

Antenna Lube, favorite tool and product, special shock tool, intro to new coupe #2

In last weeks episode Kent listed what he feels are the 12 most common areas on neglect on your older Mercedes when it comes to proper lubrication. This week he will focus on the power antenna and what you need to do to keep in healthy. He will ramble on about some other special tools and products but the highlight of this episode in your getting to see his new Mercedes coupe #2.

In this Episode

Here is a summary of the subjects he covers in this video:
  • Lubricating your antenna mast
  • Jacking up and supporting the front end
  • Special tool for removing W124 Front Strut
  • Kent’s favorite tool of the week
  • Kent’s favorite product of the week
  • Introduction to his newly acquired coupe #2
  • A super seek peak at his newly acquired coupe #3
At the end of the video he will share with you a sneak peak of his newly acquired coupe number 3 to see if you can guess the year and model and engine. :-)
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Episode 9

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