Kent's Garage Episode 16

Kent's Garage Episode 16

Welcome the "Green Ghost," 560SEC and 240D Wrap Up, New Kits, 280SL Door Hinges, Eagle Watch River Trip

It was a super busy week at the shop. Kent wrapped up two projects which included some super extreme engine detailing, oil leak repair, and major diesel engine tuning. That work was done just in time to move the SEC and 240D out of the shop and welcome in the “Green Ghost.” This is the newest member of Kent’s fleet. Follow along in the future as he attempts to save it.

Be sure to check out the contest of the week. The winner will be announced in next weeks episode. Ride along on a river rafting tip to see eagles in their native habitat. What a ride it was! Happier it back in the shop to get some lubrication and minor detailing. 

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Link to super extreme detailing video on Kent’s 560SEC:

Link to Self Leveling Suspension Fluid Flush Kit:

Link to Power Steering Fluid Flush Kit

Link to Door Hinge Lube Kit:

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Link to Final Wipe and Protectant Detail Kit: