What is Showing Up at the Shop: Fall 2019

What is Showing Up at the Shop: Fall 2019

A few very interesting cars indeed.

Of course, the 280SL (Happier) in the foreground has been around for a while, but check out the Mercedes on the lift and the one directly behind it. Both of these are pristine examples of very desirable models. The gold sedan is a 1972 300SEL 4.5 with 78,000 original miles. See the video links below to watch the series of videos as I bring it back to life after sitting in a heated garage unused for the past 12 years. The wagon is a 1981 (first year of the turbo) 300TD that has been garaged and driven lightly for the past 20 years. It would be very difficult today to find an original unrestored example in any better condition. Its name is Piper. The girlfriend of Digby. Watch the first video in the series below: BUT WAIT... There is one more not in the picture. Just wait until you meet Bruno!

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtRKk64pu2woPcYTcJUnw3FuurEfPfndn   Click on this link to watch the full video playlist on this 300SEL sedan

https://youtu.be/EHFqJEWUcSM​  This link will take you to the video introduction on Piper 

Meet Bruno: Our 1986 420SEL with only 98,000 garaged miles. Videos coming soon in tribute to the designer. Keep an eye on our youtube channel.