Why We Don't Trust Tire Shops Anymore to "Do it Right."

Why We Don't Trust Tire Shops Anymore to "Do it Right."

Recent problems have Kent "fuming" and he is on the "warpath" to educate car owners on this issue

This W210 wagon recently was on our lift for a complete inspection and service and it took 2.5 hours to get the four wheels off. Can you understand why Kent is not happy? CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ MORE. The lug bolts were put on sooooooo very tight by a tire shop that they were next to impossible to get off. We are talking well over 200 fount pounds on each lug bolt. Even jumping on them with an extension on a long breaker bar did not work all that well. 2 of the lugs bolts bent getting them off and two of the heads of the bolts broke off!  Drilling those bolts out was really tough and took most of the time. One wheel is ruined!  Think this won't happen to you? Think again. Imagine if the owner had had a flat tire on the freeway!!!

So why do I no longer trust tire shops? Over the years I have seen increasing problems in three areas. 

1. The wheel and hub mounting surfaces are not cleaned properly enough to allow proper and true mating of the surfaces - resulting in tire “wobble” and unexplained vibrations.

2. No anti-seize compound is used between the hub and center of the wheel. This will cause the wheel to seize on the hub from corrosion and you will not be able to get the wheel off by hand.

3. Lug bolts are not properly torqued. In most cases, they are over-torqued with an air impact wrench. In an increasing number of instances, I have found they have been torqued over 200 ft pounds thus weakening the lug bolt and preventing you from removing the bolts if you should have a flat tire on the open road

Since tire shops won’t do it, you need to set proper torque on your wheel lug bolts! You will now need to have your own torque wrench and proper socket. This is a MUST HAVE tool EVEN if you don’t work on your own Mercedes. This is one thing you must learn how to do because you can not trust tire shops anymore. See some videos below and I will explain why I feel so strongly about this. If nothing else - when you take your Mercedes into a tire shop take this tool along and tell them THEY HAVE TO TIGHTEN the lug bolts to the proper factory torque specification. Even if they say they will do it when your car comes back from the tire shop you need to double check their work by checking the torque yourself. If you do not do this you may end up with a flat tire on the side of the freeway that you literally can not get off!!!

Heed my warning or suffer the pain and expense of trying to get your wheel off in the future and even breaking off a bolt or two.  This quality toolset will allow you to do this yourself. I am going to make the price so attractive that you will not be able to find any excused not to have this. 

We offer a quality inexpensive torque wrench with the proper extension and socket. Now a must have.

Watch this video is see the proof!!!