1983 to 1985 500SL, 500SEC, 500SEL Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit with Free Video Instructions

Before ordering, confirm that your system looks precisely like the installed FID pictured below. Some European model 500s may be different.

We have been able to determine that most of the 500 series R107 and W126 of the early to mid 1980s have the same FID setup as the 380 engines. There may be some variables in some of the European delivery models so we ask that you confirm your system looks just like the system shown in the two pictures below. PLEASE NOTE: The instructions included were filmed on a 380SL and W126 280SE but the repair and replacement procedures are the same. 

1983 to 1985 500SL, 500SEC, 500SEL Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit with Free Video Instructions
Free Add-Ons Included:

How to Safely Drain the Gas Out of a W116, R107, W126, W201 and W124 - On-Demand Video

R107 380SL Rear End Fuel Hose Replacement Instructions - On-demand Video

How to Test Your Fuel Accumulator - ON DEMAND VIDEO

Product Details

If you don't think yours is bad get under the back of the car and take a look. Bad hoses are the most obvious sign of age, but you can not see what is inside  your aging fuel pump and old filter. You will also most likely need a new fuel accumulator ( sold separately ) especially if the car has not been regularly driven or has been sitting in storage for long periods. ( old gas with ethanol in it ruins everything when it sits for over 2 years.  See related products below if you need an accumulator.:

This special kit contains quality replacement ( non-braided) hoses for the rear end fuel delivery system mounted under the rear of the car. It does NOT include the special crimped flexible hose that connects the fuel filter outlet to the metal fuel line going to the engine compartment. That hose tends to last longer than the other ones and can be purchased separately if needed ( see related products below ). Please inspect your car before ordering to determine if you need this extra hose and to make sure your system matches the one shown below. 

If you are going to the trouble to drain your fuel tank and replace the fuel pump, fuel filter, and hoses, we highly recommend you remove and replace the fuel tank filter screen. It will require the special tool we make to do this without having to remove the fuel tank from the car. We sell these together ( see related products below): To make it easier to drain your fuel tank you need some way to clamp off the main fuel hose coming out of the tank to prevent spilling gasoline all over the place. 

This kit comes with Kent's full-length play on-demand video explaining how you can do this yourself and save hundreds of dollars and have a more reliable and safe SL driving experience at the same time too. It also comes with a bonus on-demand video on how to safely drain the fuel out of your tank. For the 500 series some extra hardware for the brackets is included. 

NOT INCLUDED: There is one high-pressure hose not included in this kit that you may or may not need. Get under your car and check the condition of the fuel filter to feed line special flex hose with metal fittings on your car before ordering this kit.   Also, a new fuel accumulator is not included. If yours is original or has not been changed in the last 15 years then we recommend you purchase that also. If you need either of these items  you can order them separately - see related products below:

If you are going to "clean up" the back end of the fuel system be sure to order new injectors for the "icing on the cake."  See related products.

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