1983 240D Engine Overhaul Project - You Complete

Good block, crank, connecting rods and head with new pistons, liners, bearings and gaskets included

This is a great rebuild project if you have a later model ( 1981 to 1983 ). It would fit into the earlier models but the air compressor for the AC would be in the wrong place. If you did not need A/C just leave the pump off.  Watch the video below for more details. Does not include engine accessories, injection pump, exhaust manifold, camshaft and rockers, oil filter housing, or most nuts and bolts. You will need another 240D engine for those parts. Does include aluminum engine pan and valve cover. 

1983 240D Engine Overhaul Project - You Complete

Product Details

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NO SHIPPING: This engine must be picked up at our shop in Bellingham, Washington. We just do not have the time to hassle with shipping or the problems associated with it. When you come it pick it up personally, we can load it into your trailer, pickup, Suburban, or Expedition with our engine hoist but it will not be on a pallet. You will need to bring along your own straps to tie the engine down.

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