240D 300D Non Turbo Diesel Timing Chain Replacement Kit

615 616 617 4 and 5 Cylinder engines from 1974 to 1983

FITS THE FOLLOWING: ALL 115 and 123 chassis Non Turbo diesels, specifically ALL 240D's from 1974-1983, ALL 300Ds from 1975-1981, and ALL 300CD and 300TD with non turbo engines. This is an important maintenance item on your diesel engine. Depending on maintenance and oil change schedules this chain should be replaced in the 150,000 mile to 200,000 range. If your timing chain lets go while driving, it is not a pretty sight. It will usually destroy the engine. This kit includes the timing chain, timing chain tensioner, and master link. Thus I am selling the parts needed as a kit with a considerable discount below list. If you have no records of the chain being replaced, do it now! Our complete PDF illustrated instructions walk you through the replacement step by step and show you how to peen the link without the special tool!

240D 300D Non Turbo Diesel Timing Chain Replacement Kit
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Early Diesel Timing Chain Replacement Instructions by Kent Bergsma - Download

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NOTE: IF your engine has over 300,000 miles you may also need to replace gears and other timing guide rails which are not included in this kit. We have found on these very high mileage engines that just replacing all these components is not a wise investment, as the engine may have other wear issues such as low compression.

When replacing your valve cover you may need wave washers. Look below to order. 

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