5 Cylinder 617 Monark Pencil Glow Plugs with Carbon Reamer - Package Deal!

For 1980 to 85 300D 300CD 300TD and 1978 to 1985 300SD w/ Instructions: Plugs made in Germany - Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE!

Cleaning out your glow plug holes from excess carbon (coke) can increase fuel economy and will extend the life of your glow plugs. This important regular maintenance procedure is commonly neglected and will lead to rough starts, smoke at startup, decreased fuel economy, and engine shake.

5 Cylinder 617 Monark Pencil Glow Plugs with Carbon Reamer - Package Deal!
Free Add-Ons Included:

Diesel Pencil Glow Plug Reamer Instructions By Kent Bergsma - Download

1978 to 1985 Pencil Glow Plug Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

Diesel Glow Plug Replacement Instructions by Kent Bergsma - Download

Product Details

Application: Fits all 5 cylinder diesel engines 300SD from 1978 to 1985 and all 300D, 300CD and 300TD from 1980 to 1985 with pencil glow plugs. Excellent quality. They are built with the same materials and have the same specifications as the Bosch Duraterm pencil plugs. Even comes with 5 high quality locking nuts for the wires.

Comes with five pencil glow plugs, carbo reamer tool and complete instructions for replacing glow plugs and reaming glow plug chambers. Excess carbon build up in the prechamber is the no. 1 reason for premature glow plug failure. We recommend you always ream the holes with changing pencil glow plugs.

SVO WVO: If you are running SVO WVO fuel we have found that glow plugs may not last as long compared to running diesel fuel. The tips and chambers tend to coke up faster. Super important that you ream your glow plug chambers more often. These Monark plugs concentrate the heat more toward the tip and which keeps the glow plug ends cleaner.

Specifications: These Monark glow plugs are designed to be used with  the original standard glow relay as well as the newer Bosch upgrade pre-glow relays that use rapid pre-heating time and and prolonged post-heating for up to 180 seconds at an average voltage up to 14V. Their twin heating coil design allows for the best performance under these two conditions. They meet or exceed the specifications of the Bosch Duraterm and are still manufactured in Germany.


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