61x Diesel Engine Combination Pencil Glow Plug Super Tool

A new twist to an old problem: One wrench to get both the wiring nuts off and the pencil glow plug out

After years of fighting pencil glow plug removal on the 1980 to 1985 OM616 and OM617 diesel engines, I finally set out to find a tool that would make is easier to remove one or more of the glow plugs with the metal fuel injector lines in place. I knew the wrench had to be long and had to have a 8mm box on one end ( for the wire nuts ) and a 12mm box on the other end ( for the glow plug housing ). I knew no wrench existed that was even close, so I set out to make one.

61x Diesel Engine Combination Pencil Glow Plug Super Tool

Product Details

After going through four prototypes this is the fnal design. We put a twist on the wrench to make it feel better in the hand and had to put an angle on each box end to give the user more options for better access to the glow plugs. We are very proud of this new "super" wrench.

PLEASE NOTE: This wrench is ideally suited for the quick change of one or more glow plugs. If you intend to remove all the glow plugs and ream the carbon out of the pre-chambers I still recommend that you remove the injector hard line set.