Ceramic Brake Pad and Slide Lubricant ( Paste ) - The Best!

Extreme high temp and moisture resistance keeps this paste in place! Best brake pad noise eliminator.

This is the Permatex Brand  Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant. 100 percent synthetic formula with ceramic solids. It resists moisture and corrosion and will not wash out. Lasts longer than any other caliper grease. Silences brake noise across a much wider temperature range. Can handle up to 3000 degrees F. 

Ceramic Brake Pad and Slide Lubricant ( Paste ) - The Best!

Product Details

For most owner / mechanics no need to buy an expensive large bottom of this lubricant. You would never use it all. Our small 1/2 container is enough to do 2 or 3 brake jobs. Apply this to the back of the brake pads, the side edges of the pads where they slide in the caliper and on the pins that hold the pads in place. This is also an excellent assembly lube when rebuilding your brake calipers. 

Use and application of this paste is covered in Kent's on demand video on troubleshooting and repairing dragging or sticking brakes. Yes, lack of lubrication can cause the pads to drag!!! See related products for more information on this video. 


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