W116 W123 Front Seat FORWARD Pull Handle HD Upgrade

Made in the U.S.A. in our shop. Designed by Kent to be stronger and with a more comfortable grip. Replaces a broken or even a good handle if you want the same comfort on all four.

FITS THE FOLLOWING: all 116 chassis 1973 to 1980 and all 123 chassis sedans, coupes, and wagons. If the forward black plastic seat adjustment handle is cracked or broken (making it hard to adjust the seat) then here is an easy and clever way to fix it without having to take the seat out of the car. This handle will bolt right onto the existing metal adjusting bar. All you have to do is take a chisel and brake off all the old original handle to expose the holes in the bar. Then take this new handle and bolt it right onto the existing hole without any modification or drilling. This is a very clever design and is much stronger than the original and easy to install.

W116 W123 Front Seat FORWARD Pull Handle HD Upgrade

Product Details

Watch the video to see what makes these handles better

In years past we were able to get this handle from another supplier but it is no longer available. So Kent set you to design and manufacture his own version. If you have ever pulled on these handles you know how uncomfortable they are to your hand. So this handle is slightly larger ( allowing you to insert two fingers easily). It is also more rounded for comfort and REALLY beefed up for strength. 

We made it the same angle as the original but slightly longer for ease of access under the front of the seat. You will notice right away how much easier it is to grab hold off. And you can see it is never going to break!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the old videos and pictures show black screws. We are no longer able to get those so all current handles are being supplies with chrome screws as shown in the picture above.

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