Gasket Replacement and Sealing Surface Preparation Kit

Use when prepping aluminum and magnesium metal surfaces for gaskets or RTV sealant

When prepping many surfaces on your engine for replacement gaskets or application of RTV sealant it is very important not to scratch the metal. In some cases that can set up corrosion or possible small leaks that will lead to premature failure of the repair. Kent has put this kit together from the things he uses in his own shop.

Gasket Replacement and Sealing Surface Preparation Kit

Product Details

  • Assortment of 10 plastic razor blades (7 with chisel edge and 3 with blunt bulldozer edge)
  • Assortement of fine wet or dry sandpaper ( to remove any deep scratches or smooth over corroded areas
  • Scotch Brite Pad (purple) to lightly abrate surfaces before application of sealing compound
  • Small container of Aviation permatex gasket sealant ( only to use with paper gaskets )

We offer this inexpensive kit to help you make lasting prepares without having to run to the hardware store to get these items. Watch for upcoming vidoes where Kent will show these in action.