High Volume Fast Fluid Extractor with Custom Attachments

Use it to extract OR fill transmission, engine, power steering, brake reservoir, SLS tank and rear end fluid

Of all the extractors I have used over the years, I like this one the best but Kent had to modify it to make is work everywhere. It is large, super tough, fast, and adapts to all types of automotive fluids. You could even do an engine oil change with it although that might not be very “fast.” Works great also for filling rear ends and manual transmissions.  This is the ONLY one you will find that is this big and has the very small nylon hose that will reach down the transmission tube and the dip stick tube to draw out excess fluid if need be. We even provide a right angle fitting for the smaller 1/4 nylon tubing included in the kit.  This makes it more easy to reach into tight places.

High Volume Fast Fluid Extractor with Custom Attachments

Product Details

Watch a live demonstration

Watch Kent demonstrate this extractor and its attachments. You will quickly see why it has become my favorite. It is perfect for when you accidentally overfill the engine oil or the transmission fluid. Note: You will need to have the engine oil warm to easily draw it from the engine pan.

USE TIP: After using make sure you push all the old fluid out of the extractor. Then place it upright in a big cup or container to let it drain thoroughly. USE THE GREEN SILICONE END PLUG included to plug off the end of the hose to keep it from dripping. Store the hose ends in zip lock bags so they do not collect dust or dirt.