Kent's 1980 450SL Parts Car "Crunchie" For Sale

Considered too expensive and time consuming to repair, but many great parts including good engine, blue cloth top and matching hard top.

Heavy front-end damage with missing parts - NO TITLE - Pick up and trailer to your destination. Please do not try to check out with this car by putting it in your shopping cart. If you are interested in purchasing please email us You will understand why we call this a parts car when there is no title, small parts are missing, and there is heavy damage to the front end. When these pictures were taken most of the parts we are keeping were not yet removed. So please carefully read the parts-not-included list below. If you are restoring a 450SL and need an engine, top, or some good rust-free body panels then this might be for you. 

Kent's 1980 450SL Parts Car "Crunchie" For Sale $1,500.00Sale

Product Details

Here are the major pluses:

  • Good V8 engine: compression test and internal inspection done
  • Good hard and soft tops ( in blue )
  • Good rust free body sheet metal ( less the damaged or missing parts )
  • Excellent complete rear clip ( deck lid, rear fenders, and rear bumper all included)
  • Newer alloy wheels as shown
  • Light grey interior upholstery parts
  • Good glass
  • Good door panels with window regulators and door checks inside doors
  • Good side trim pieces
  • transmission - condition unknown
  • Good driveline and rust-free trailing arms
  • Clean gas tank

Here is a detailed list of the parts NOT included:

  • Hood (damaged and removed)
  • Front bumper (damaged and removed)
  • Headlights (damaged and removed)
  • All trim below headlights ( damaged and removed )
  • No exhaust system after the down pipes ( damaged and missing )
  • Complete Climate Control system (all parts including servo, dash control panel, wiring, vacuum lines, hoses, etc.
  • Complete instrument cluster
  • Center console wood ( both pieces for climate switch panel and shifter )
  • Ignition switch and steering lock and outside door and trunk handles
  • Fuel delivery system ( pump, filter, accumulator and brackets)
  • Outside door handles and rear trunk lock
  • Trunk embleMS
  • Right side mirror
  • inside rearview mirror
  • wiper arms

NOTE: Concerning paperwork

Payment and pickup: Payment to be made via bank wire transfer or cash. The buyer must arrange his own transport. The car is currently undercover and will remain so for up to 30 days after purchase. If the buyer needs more time car will be pushed out and stored outside until pickup. Kentscarsforsale. PROJECTCAR


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