Kent's "Rust Buster" Tool for Loosening Rusty Stuck Fittings and Nuts

This has to be the best way ever! See video below to believe... Sorry the first 20 already sold on the newsletter promo!

Kent has tried every method in the book to remove rusty and stuck fittings, bolts and nuts on older cars. This becomes a SUPER challenge when dealing with a car that has been subjected to road salt. He recently ran into this problem on a European model W126 and decided there had to be a better way.  Watch the video below to see why this tool was "invented!"

Kent's "Rust Buster" Tool for Loosening Rusty Stuck Fittings and Nuts
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Removing Rusty Bolts, Nuts and Fittings with Kent's Rust Buster Tool - On Demand Video

Product Details

Watch the tool in action

The kit includes the following:

  • Single speed multi-tool
  • Special fabricated vibration impact head
  • Small sample of Kroil Oil
  • 1 acid brush
  • 1 sm. rust cleaning brush (design may vary)
  • Thread Locking compound
  • Detailed video instructions of the tool in action

Kent recommends using a less expensive dedicated multi-function tool for this purpose. It is going to take a beating but is well worth the price if you are able to just remove one rusting bolt or fitting that could have broken off!

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