Large Lug Bolt Wheel Mount Alignment Pin Tool

NEW! For W140 W220 W215 W211 and others with 14MM x 1.5 thread lug bolts - MADE IN U.S.A.

This is one impressive tool. Watch the video below to see why Kent is so excited about it. The wheels on the W140 and W220 can be REALLY heavy and taking them on and off can be hazardous to your health ( smashed foot, wrenched back, mental anguish, etc.). You can even use this tool to clean out your hub threads! Thread size is M14mm x 1.5 and it fits the W140, W220, W215, W211 and other new models with the larger lug bolts. Be sure to check your size BEFORE ordering. We have another tool that fits the smaller thread 12mm x 1.5 lug bolt holes ( see related products below):

Large Lug Bolt Wheel Mount Alignment Pin Tool

Product Details

Watch this super tool in action

Comes in a very nice clear plastic storage case as shown:

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