Late 123 Most 126 Late 107 Chassis Ignition Lock Cylinder Tumbler Installation Kit

240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 380SE some 300SE 300SEL 420SEL 560SL 560SEC 560 SEL ( 1981 to 1989 only ) --- WILL NOT FIT ANY 107 CHASSIS BESIDES 560SL.

This complete keyed ignition tumbler installation kit fits 123 chassis 240D, 300D, 300CD and 300TD from 1981 to 1985. It also fits all 126 sedans and SEC coupes from 1981 to 1989 300SD 380SE 380SEL 300SDL 300SE 300SEL 420SEL, and 107 560SL ONLY.  Will NOT work on any models past 1989.  Kit comes with new tumbler assembly and 2 matched keys, special quick removal and installation tool, and complete detailed step-by-step instructions (5 pages).

Late 123 Most 126 Late 107 Chassis Ignition Lock Cylinder Tumbler Installation Kit
Free Add-Ons Included:

Late 123 Early 126 Ignition Tumbler Switch Replacement Procedure Instructions by Kent Bergsma - Download

Late 123 Most 126 Chassis Ignition Lock Tumbler Installation Kit

Product Details

The ignition tumbler assembly is easy to remove and replace as long as you have a good key and can turn on your switch with it. This is the main reason we strongly urge our customers to change the tumbler assembly at the first sign it starts to stick or jam. A new tumbler and key is cheap. But, if you wait too long, then you can get stranded somewhere not being able to start your engine. You may have to pay for a tow to a shop. Then replacement can become a huge hassle and very expensive.  When this happens, you may have to buy a complete new lock assembly as well as a new tumbler and key. A word to the wise. Don’t wait to fix a sticking or hard to turn ignition key!

SPECIAL NOTE TO 107 OWNERS:  The tool and tumbler and general principles apply to your 560SL but the insructions so not show pictures of the 107 - so there may be some gaps in the instructions that you will have to interpolate.

With this new kit you can do this job in 15 minutes and save money and headaches. Without the special tool and instructions on how to properly use it, the job can be very frustrating.

NEW: We now incude a small amount of the proper lube and a brush so you can clean  out and apply new grease inside the steering lock when you replace your tumbler assembly.

WARNING: If a new tumbler assembly does not solve your problem you will need to replace the steering lock assembly. We offer this lock assembly separately as we have found most owners want to a least try the tumbler first before buying the more expensive part. Look below to read more.


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