Mercedes Later Power Antenna Inspection, Removal and Repair - On Demand Video

Apples to models 1986 to 1995 with "TOOTHED" style antenna mast (read more in the description below

A non working power antenna can be very frustrating. Those original Hirschmann antennas are really quite reliable. They usually fail through neglect and lack of lubrication. But sometimes they just fail due to old age. If you understand how they work and know what to look for many times you can repair them yourself. Sometimes it will take a spare antenna for parts. Other times it may just need a good cleanup and lubrication. If you hear the antenna motor running and the mast is not going up or down it may just need a new mast installed.

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Mercedes Late Antenna Repair - On Demand Video

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Video Preview:

In this video Kent will walk you through the steps of removing and taking apart a “toothed” type antenna which was found on many models from around 1986 to 1995. This includes the late W126, W201, W124, and some early W140 with the plastic cover that snaps on. You will need to figure out which type of antenna you have before you order this video. If the cover is held on with screws this video will not help you!  PLEASE NOTE: This video will not apply to the older antennas up to 1985 that had the smooth antenna mast tail.

Summary of subject matter covered:

  • How to remove the antenna (W126 specifically shown)
  • How these style antennas are secured to the rear fender
  • Testing for power to the antenna before removing
  • Disconnecting wires and cables from the antenna
  • Pulling the antenna out with the mast stuck full up
  • Snapping the cover off the antenna housing
  • Summary of problems that occur inside the antenna
  • Theory and function of operation
  • How to test function of the motor
  • Plug wiring schematic for bench testing
  • Testing used antennas on the bench
  • Removing and replacing the mast
  • Inspecting and bench testing operation of the antenna mast
  • Cleaning, straightening and lubricating the mast
  • Final checks before closing up
  • Operation of the mast
  • Replacing circuit board with good used
  • Complete disassembly for inspection or removing broken mast tail
  • What to look for in the plastic drive gears
  • Importance of lubrication to prevent most problems
  • How to lubricate internally
  • Care in reassembly - locating and installing spacers properly
  • Inspecting the cover gasket
  • Snapping the cover back on
  • Removing old grommet and polishing fender
  • Installing the new grommet with proper lube and aligning
  • Installing the antenna back into the car
  • Final power tests

NOT COVERED: Troubleshooting and repairing the circuit boards inside the antenna is not covered in this video. Up and down adjustment as well as dash switch troubleshooting and repair is not covered. You will need to remove the inside trunk fender panel cover on the left side to access the antenna. Details on removing and replacing this panel are not covered. 

Total run time: 40:41 

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