Non Tilting Sunroof Seal and Glide Replacement Manual

ALL Chassis 111 108 109 114 115 116 123 and 126 to 1985

If you have ever thought about replacing the seals in your sunroof here is a chance to read the manual so you can gauge the difficultly of the job. Seals and other repair parts can be purchased separately at a later date. Both the front and side seals can be replaced without removing the sunroof panel from the car. That makes replacing those seals relatively easy.

Non Tilting Sunroof Seal and Glide Replacement Manual

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To replace the rear seal is another matter. That requires removing the sunroof from the car. Removal procedures are covered for the power sunroof panels but not a manually operating panel. The manually operated panel comes out in similar fashion but step by step procedures are only covered for the power cable operated sunroof. That is not all that bad though as it gives you a chance to thoroughly clean and re-grease the tracks (one big reason for a slow moving roof). Removal is a must if you need to replace the plastic glides or felt slides on the moving feet (main reason for not closing completely). Manual is illustrated with lots of pictures to show you how to successful remove and replace the roof panel. Manual is also offered in a downloadable PDF format below.

Seals and new slides can now be ordered separately: All recommend products are listed below and in related products.

  • Front seal
  • Rear seal 
  • Set of side seals
  • Sunroof track grease

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Open your sunroof and check for any rust in the water troughs - especially up in the front two corners where the formard water drains are located. Also look for rust on or around the sunroof air dam. We recommend you purchase and apply miracle paint to any rust areas before they rust through and flood the interior of you car with water!

If you think your sunroof might be leaking water into the car check out related on demand videos below.

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