Rear End and Manual Transmission 14mm Hex Plug Removal Tool Version 2

Designed by Kent and manufactured in our shop - Super Heavy Duty - comes without C clips on hex head.

This is version 2 of the special wrench Kent designed to remove and install rear end and manual transmission hex head fill and drain plugs. Have you ever had a problem trying to get a fill or drain plug out of a manual transmission or rear end housing ( especially with limited space)? You will often discover that other wrenches won't fit into those tight places or are just not stable or strong enough to get the plug out? Watch the video below and Kent will explain the why and how of his newest wrench! Please note this version of the wrench differs slightly over what is shown in the video.

Rear End and Manual Transmission 14mm Hex Plug Removal Tool Version 2

Product Details

With the introduction of Version 2, Kent decided the C-clips on the hex bit were not really necessary and by removing those it would make it easier for the user to adjust the hex bit and to install it quickly in a socket wrench (See picture below) He also found he could reduce the cost of the wrench significantly by leaving the C-clips off. You can push the hex bit in and out by hand to adjust the length. Once you start torquing on the wrench, the hex bit will not move in the wrench head. Also, the pick tool is no longer included as most DIY'ers have a pick tool or small scraper tool.  The function and strength of the wrench remain the same.

This custom wrench has three distinct advantages over other wrenches available on the market:

1. It is long and strong. Enough to get some real torque on it. These plugs can really be in there and tough to get out!. If you need additional length for torque you can add another long combination wrench ( must be 22 mm or bigger or it will bend ) as shown in the picture below. Kent warns to be very careful when applying excessive force.

2. The tool allows for easy access by angling the handle one way or the other.

3. This tool has a REMOVABLE hex bit. That will allow you to turn the bit around to angle the wrench a different direction or to remove the bit to use in a ratcheting box wrench (after you have loosened the plug. Pry off a C-clip on either side of the head and the hex bit comes right out of the head of the big wrench.

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