Rear End Differential Drain Plug Magnetic Pickup - SUPER STRENGTH!

Fits all Mercedes Rear Ends from 1966 to 1995

Kent believes this is the best protection you can give your rear end. Since there is no filter there for the fluid, nothing other than this super strong magnetic drain plug can keep metal particles from working their way back up into the bearings and gears. And this is NOT your normal magnetic pickup either! This one has to have the strongest magnet in the world for its size. It installs easily in the place of your original drain plug and will collect any ferrous metal particles that that are "floating" around in the rear end. 

Rear End Differential Drain Plug Magnetic Pickup - SUPER STRENGTH!

Product Details

Not sure you belive the hype? This little plug can pick up a three pound hammer. Kent has two youtube videos you should watch. CLICK HERE to watch a fluid change and plug install in his 280SL Pagoda. CLICK  HERE to watch him demonstrate its strength. This magnetic plug not only protects your rear end, but what it collects between fluid changes will give you a good idea on the internal health of your rear differential.

The new custom plug we now carry is shorter than the original plug we were selling and the one you see on my 280SL rear end fluid change. We contacted the manufacturer and asked them to make a shorter plug specifically for Mercedes Benz (that won't protruded down as low as the previous plugs).  You will be very happy with this new design. Here is a picture of the older longer magnetic drain plug.

We also carry super strength magnetic pickups for transmissions and engine oil pans. 

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