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1/4 Inch Drive Beam Type Super Low Torque Wrench

Very accurate for low torque settings - 0 to 9 Newton Meters or 0 - 80 inch pounds

If you are tired of "guessing" on those critical low torque settings maybe it is time to get a small torque wrench. This is the one Kent likes for super low torque settings up. It is quality made and will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can even calibrate it yourself!


Plastic Razor Blades 10 pc. Assortment

Kent's favorite - Cleaning glass, paint surfaces, critical metal surfaces for proper sealing and other uses

Kent uses these superb plastic razor blades regularly in his shop. Recently they proved very useful when resealing the magnesium engine breather covers on an M113 engine. There are seven green and three orange in this little package.


Custom Made Large Angled Head Clamping Tool

Multiple uses for hose removal, assembly, and holding parts safely for cleaning and polishing.

This is one of Kent's favorite tools around his shop. It is used almost daily. The tool rose out of a need to be able to safely hold fuel inectors while cleaning when with a large high speed wire wheel. No tool like this is availabe so it had to be built in our shop!


1995 E300 Diesel Glow Plug Set with Reamer - Special

FREE anti-seize compound

6 high quality Monark glow plugs that are still made in Germany! Special carbon reamer included. This reamer should always be used to ream out the glow plug holes when changing your plugs to improve efficiency and glow plug life.

Currently out of stock.

24" Measuring Machinist Straight Edge with Protective Sleeve

A must have when working on engines.

When working on automotive engines a long heavy machinist straight edge is a must. This is the best way to tell if the mating surfaces are flat and true. That includes cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake and exhaust manifolds as well as critical sealing metal to metal covers and housings. 


Throttle Linkage Ball Socket Removal Tool

Tool only with manufacturing flaws. Does not affect operation. Discounted accordingly

This is the best tool to use when removing throttle linkage ball socket ends on older Mercedes gas and diesel engines. If you try to "twist" them off you can damage the spring clip. It is much better to pry them off evenly.


Radiator Hose Block Off Clamps - Set of 2

Work on your cooling system without having to drain all the coolant

2 large style clamps to be used on upper and lower radiator hoses. Use these to replace your thermostat or water pump without having to drain all your coolant out of the radiator. Works on medium size coolant hoses also. 


13 mm LONG Combination Wrench - High Quality

SPECIAL PURCHASE - Compare at 8.95 Every Mercedes owner should have one - even carry in your trunk along with a 10 mm.

This is a very high quality finish 13mm combination wrench that is 8 inches long. How many times have you needed that extra reach or that extra torque! One of the most common sizes you will use on older Mercedes Benz.

103 Engine Fan Holder Tool
Currently out of stock.

M103 M104 6 Cylinder Gas Engine Fan Pulley Holder Tool

Without this tool good luck trying to get the fan off on the 103 or 104 engines

If you must remove the engine fan on your 103 or 104 engine you will need to have this tool. It is designed to go in behind and insert in a hole on the back side of pulley. This will prevent the pulley from turning while removing the fan bolt. There is no other practical way to do it.

Spark Plug Gap Tool
Currently out of stock.

Spark Plug Gap Tool - Quality by Bosch

Applies to all Mercedes, PON FIN P55 Pre 1960, 190SL, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 108, 109, 107, 116, 123, 126, 201, and 124 chassis. Boy is it nice to find quality tools that do not break the bank.