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Fluid Maintenance - Radiator and Fuel Hose HD Pinch off Pliers

Best tool for secure clamp-off in tight locations - produces super tight seal on larger hoses

I have used a lot of different clamping tools over the years to prevent fluids from leaking out when removing coolant, fuel, or brake fluid hoses. Most work ok. Some are hard to use in tight places.  Many do not stop every last drip from coming out of the hose.


Steering Wheel Removal Special Hex Socket

Most Models 1980 to 1993 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SDL 300SE 420SEL 560SEL 380SL 560SL 190E 190D 300E , ETC

This high quality heavy duty 1/2 inch drive Urrea 10 mm Hex Socket is the tool you will need to remove the center bolt holding your steering wheel to the steering column. See Kents video on steering wheel removal on the tech help page.


O-ring Removal Fine Point Pick Tool Set

Best set Kent has found to remove orings in hard to get to locations

This set of 5 pick tools have very thin and sharp points. Best set Kent has found to remove orings in hard to get to locations. The variety of angles available allows you to get into almost anywhere to remove and o-ring, sealing ring or other small part. Comes in protective plastic case.


1/2 Inch Drive Clicker Torque Wrench 20 - 150 Ft. Lbs.

Please Note: Color of Case can vary

 If you are going to work on your diesel fuel injectors you are going to need a torque wrench. If you are going to tighten your alloy wheel lug bolts properly you should use a torque wrench. In fact if you do your own work you should have a 1/2 inch clicker torque wrench in your tool box.


Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

SINGLE pin - located on left side of cylinder head by glow plugs

New coolant temperature sensor for most Mercedes built from 1973 to 1993, Gasoline and Diesel models. Sends signal to engine coolant temperature gauge on the dash board. Single pin


Metal to Metal Anaerobic Gasket Maker

Small .20 Fl Oz for small repairs

This is the absolute best gasket maker when you have a clean and tight metal to metal contact. Examples of where you would use this is SEALING the rear differential cover, aluminum oil pan where is mounts to the engine block, etc.

Currently out of stock.

Tire Valve Stem Stainless Steel Metal Cap Kit

Fits all tire valve stems - with rubber sealing ring inside.

This kit includes 4 metal quality dome caps with rubber seals inside. 

Not only are these strong rust free stainless steel, but they have a rubber seal inside that REALLY does seal the schrader valve from leaking!


Fuel Tank Sending Unit Oring

280SE 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD/L 380SE/L 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC 350SL 450SL 380SL 560SL

New Fuel tank sending unit o ring. If you need to remove your sending unit to test or clean, it is a good idea to replace o-ring.
Fits 116 107 123 and 126 Chassis from 1977 to 1991.


Maintenance - 10 Inch CURVEDLocking Clamp Plier - Injector Return Hose Tool

Lets you reach into tight places - very long nose curved pliers with teeth - like hemostat

This is one of Kent's favorite tools. Lets you reach into tight places - very long nose curved pliers with teeth - like hemostat. With the locking handles it is amazing what this clamp / pliers can hold - and the tight places it can get into!


Early Chassis Power Steering Replaceable Filter

Fits 110 111 112 113 108 109 107 114 115 116 Models with Power Steering Listed below

January 2019 notice: This filter is now available only in very limited quantities and may not be readily available in the future. This is why we are not able to include it in our full fluid flush kit ( See related products below) This is an often neglected filter.


123 126 201 107 Hazard Flasher switch

All above chassis Gasoline and Diesel from 1982 to 1991

Brand new Hazard Flasher rocker type switch, located in Center console between window switches for 240D 300D 300TD 190E 190D 300SD 420SEL 380SL and other models from 1982 to 1991. If you are unsure it will fit your model, visually verify picture with existing switch.


107 115 116 123 126 Jack Hole to Floor Jack Adapter

Also W201, W124, R129, W140, W208, W210, W215, W220 - Allows use of floor jack to raise car from factory jack points

I like the convenience of using the factory jack points (holes) but I absolutely DO NOT like using the factory jack - except in cases of emergency road side repair. You all know it can be a little unstable... I solved this problem by using a large heavy duty bolt.


107 114 115 116 123 126 14 inch alloy wheel ONE Center Cap ( Used )

All models with alloy wheels 1972 to 1985

Average used center cap. It is not perfect - may have a small dent or flaw, but no cracks and rear tabs intact. Limited stock. FITS ALL models with 14-inch alloy wheels from the early 1970s to 1985 with the bundt cake style wheels. If you want perfect please do not order.


Late 107 116 Chassis Turn Signal Switch Assembly

Order only by Vin # as explained below

Description: For late 450SL, 450SLC, 450SE, 450SEL as noted below. Fits ALL 300SD 1978 to 1980. Please note that the cruise control lever is not included. You will use that from your old unit. No instructions but easy and straightforward to install.

Mercedes Benz 450SE


Engine and Component Assembly Lube

Lubro Moly Brand

High quality lubricant to be used when assembling bearings in engines or in components that are oiled by engine oil. This WILL prevent scoring and wear upon initial start-up after overhaul.


Automatic Transmission Nylon Shift Bushing Set of 2

For LATE MODEL (70-73) 108 109 and ALL 114 115 107 116 123 126 201 124 129 and 140 chassis 1968 to 1995

Set of (2). The number one cause of a loose or rattling shift lever is failed or missing shift lever bushings. Our upgraded bushings are made out of nylon and are much tougher than the original plastic type. No instructions or special tools included.


Late 114 115 and 116 107 and 123 126 201 124 Seat Belt Warning Buzzer Switch

Fits most 1974 to 1991 Models with steering lock buzzer switch

Genuine MBZ Part with wiring plug for later models: Please note this buzzer is really for the 1985 and later models. The wiring pigtail is not used on pre-1985 steering locks. The switch itself is the same but for older models you will have to install and leave the pigtail connected.


ALL Models Wheel Mount Alignment Pin

This makes installing a wheel a breeze on your older Mercedes - will not fit W140 W220 or some newer models

Use on 110, 111, 112, 113, 108, 109, 107, 114, 115, 116, 123, 126, 124, and 201 Chassis. I am sure we have all tried to hold a wheel onto the hub while trying to start a lug bolt at the same time!


All Models 397 Pc. Metric O-Ring Assortment in Case

Must have for any Mercedes

This must-have kit does not only have hard-to-find metric sizing, but the o-rings are made out of nitrile which holds up better to heat and is more resistant to oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, silicone and even water.


Non Tilting Sunroof Seal and Glide Replacement Manual

ALL Chassis 111 108 109 114 115 116 123 and 126 to 1985

If you have ever thought about replacing the seals in your sunroof here is a chance to read the manual so you can gauge the difficultly of the job. Seals and other repair parts can be purchased separately at a later date.


Early CIS 6 and 8 cylinder and 190E 2.3 4 Cylinder Fuel Injector Rubber Seal

For CIS 280E 280SE 450SL 450SLC 450SEL 1977 to 1980 and 190E 2.3 1984 to 1993

Rubber fuel injector seal fits the models listing in the subtitle above. These should always be changed when replacing fuel injectors. They are also one of the most common sources for intake air leaks causing high idle speed and rough running.


1981 to 1991 V8 CIS Fuel Injector Insulator Plastic Bushing

For 380 420 and 560 gas V8 engines- sold separately

Bushing that holds fuel injector into the head of the engine. These get very brittle with age. If you are planning on removing your fuel injectors I highly recommend you order these to have on hand.


Early V8 CIS Bosch Fuel Injector Set (8)

All 450 380 and 500 V8 engines from 1977 to 1985

Now available as a cost savings kit! Eight new Bosch CIS fuel injectors with eight holder bushing O-ring seals. If your 1977 to 1985 8 cylinder has over 120,000 miles and you think your injectors are ok then you might want to think again.

10 Side Trim Clip Replacements

Side Trim Molding Clips - set of (10)

For W108 W109 W114 W115 W116 R107 and W123 Chassis

10 red plastic clips are included as shown. There are a number of reasons why you would want to remove the center side trim on your older Mercedes. You may just want to clean and detail behind them (it does get pretty dirty back there over the years).

Currently out of stock.

25 Inch Long 1/2 Inch Socket Drive Breaker Bar

Use in hard to remove bolt - starter, transmission bellhousing, front crank bolt, lug bolts, etc.

Use in hard to remove bolt - starter, transmission bellhousing, front crank bolt, lug bolts, etc. Excellent quality chrome breaker bar . 25 inches long, one half inch drive. Is built with chrome vanadium steel construction. The drive head swivels 180 degrees.


25 AMP Blue Fuses - 20 PACK

25 amp Fuses, made of brass copper alloy. High quality. Sold in a package of 20. Fits All Mercedes up to 1995.

To see our fuse kits with Instructions enter fuse in the search box.


8 AMP White Fuses - 20 PACK


8 amp Fuses, made of brass copper alloy. High quality. Sold in a package of 20. Fits All Mercedes up to 1995.

CLICK HERE to see our fuse kits with Instructions.


Trim and Rubber Seal E6000 General Purpose Adhesive

Need a strong glue joint on rubber seals, dash wood, side trim, bumper rubber, etc - this is the best!

Over the years I have used many different products to try to adhere chrome and trim pieces to body and interior panels. None has performed better for me than E6000. Silicone glue can't compete. When dry it holds like nothing else.

Currently out of stock.

4.5 450SL 450SE 450SEL New Fuel Injector

For 4.5 Liter engines from 1972 to 1976 with Electronic Fuel Injection

Yes - this is price per injector. List price is $278! Brand new Bosch Gas Fuel Injector with hose as shown. 8 required per engine.


Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management Manual

Theory of operation, troubleshooting and service 1969 to 1995

Some of those early fuel injections systems can be troublesome. If you don't understand the system or how it works you will never be able to troubleshoot it successfully. This manual explains the different comp0nents in the system, their purpose, and how they interact together.


Bosch 335HZ Horn

Fits the following:


Bosch 400HZ Horn

Brand new horn. Please see all applicable models below.


Diesel and Gas Early Automatic Transmission Tube Sealing Rings

For 3 banjo bolt connections 1970 to 1980

Some of the most common auto transmission leaks on the early automatics come from the banjo bolts that connect the filler tube to the bottom of the pan and the two transmission coolers lines to the lower front transmission housing.


Early Gasoline 107 116 Fuel Tank Outlet Hose

For above chassis only 450 8 cylinder gas engine 1972 to 1980

This is a very common failure item on the older gas models. The braided outlet fuel hose will rot and and begin by weeping fuel through the hose. When it finally fails it can be dangerous and leave you stranded on the road. Large amounts of fuel will come pouring out of the tank.


Early 107 123 All 116 Gas Engine Fuel Filter

For above chassis only 6 and 8 cylinder gas engine 1972 to 1980

New Bosch fuel filter as shown. Before ordering please make certain that this fits your Benz. Not all gas fuel filters are created equal.


107 116 Early 126 V8 Main Fuel Pump Check Valve

450 380 and 500 V8 Engines Including 6.9 1977 to 1985 ONLY

This check valve is mounted on the end of the electric fuel pump and prevents pressure from bleeding off after the engine has shut down.  If you engine is slow to start after it has sat overnight that could be a sign the check valve needs replacement. 



108 109 107 116 126 V8 Fuel Pump Rubber Mount Set of 4

For 350 450 380 420 560 V8 Engines including 6.9 1972 to 1991

Set of 4 new rubber mounts for fuel pump and filter mounting frame located under rear of vehicle. Mounts do not come with nuts.

These mounts will typically break loose as shown in the picture below: