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Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management Manual

Theory of operation, troubleshooting and service 1969 to 1995

Some of those early fuel injections systems can be troublesome. If you don't understand the system or how it works you will never be able to troubleshoot it successfully. This manual explains the different comp0nents in the system, their purpose, and how they interact together.


Bosch 335HZ Horn

Fits the following:


Bosch 400HZ Horn

Brand new horn. Please see all applicable models below.


Diesel and Gas Early Automatic Transmission Tube Sealing Rings

For 3 banjo bolt connections 1970 to 1980

Some of the most common auto transmission leaks on the early automatics come from the banjo bolts that connect the filler tube to the bottom of the pan and the two transmission coolers lines to the lower front transmission housing.


Early Gasoline 107 116 Fuel Tank Outlet Hose

For above chassis only 450 8 cylinder gas engine 1972 to 1980

This is a very common failure item on the older gas models. The braided outlet fuel hose will rot and and begin by weeping fuel through the hose. When it finally fails it can be dangerous and leave you stranded on the road. Large amounts of fuel will come pouring out of the tank.


Early 107 123 All 116 Gas Engine Fuel Filter

For above chassis only 6 and 8 cylinder gas engine 1972 to 1980

New Bosch fuel filter as shown. Before ordering please make certain that this fits your Benz. Not all gas fuel filters are created equal.


107 116 Early 126 V8 Main Fuel Pump Check Valve

450 380 and 500 V8 Engines Including 6.9 1977 to 1985 ONLY

This check valve is mounted on the end of the electric fuel pump and prevents pressure from bleeding off after the engine has shut down.  If you engine is slow to start after it has sat overnight that could be a sign the check valve needs replacement. 



108 109 107 116 126 V8 Fuel Pump Rubber Mount Set of 4

For 350 450 380 420 560 V8 Engines including 6.9 1972 to 1991

Set of 4 new rubber mounts for fuel pump and filter mounting frame located under rear of vehicle. Mounts do not come with nuts.

These mounts will typically break loose as shown in the picture below:

All Model Replacement Gas Cap

All Models Gas Cap

Fits all 110 111 113 108 107 116 114 115 123 126 201 124 129 140 early 60's to late 90's


Benz Glass Christmas Ornament

VERY Limited Quantity! - Special

This is a high quality round glass ornament from Mercedes Benz. Great gift for a Mercedes enthusiast.


Pentosin DOT4 Brake Fluid - One Liter

Higher Performance Fluid - direct replacement for DOT 3 - All Models

WARNING: Can only ship inside the USA via UPS GROUND. If you have other items in your cart do not choose expedited shipping or US postal service! High Performance low moisture absorbing DOT brake fluid.


Lubro Moly Motor Oil Saver - For Diesel and Gasoline engines


Another High Quality product from Lubro Moly. This is a 300ml can of Motor Oil Saver. It Rejuvenates rubber and plastic engine seals and reduces oil consumption via the piston rings and valve guides; counteracts the loss in viscosity of motor oils.


Lubro Moly CV Rear Axle Joint Grease

LM 47 for chassis 114 115 107 116 123 126 201 124 and 129

Another high quality product from Lubro Moly. This is a 90g tube of CV Joint grease for long term lubrication use. It is excellent for wheel bearings and ball joints as well.


Lubro Moly Gear Oil Additive

MoS2 Anti-Friction Anti-Whine for Gears

Another high quality product made by Lubro Moly. This is a 50g tube of Gear oil additive. It is a concentrated moly based treatment for manual shift transmissions, differentials, steering boxes, transaxles, and rear axles. Reduces Gear noise and whine, smooths shifting.


Front Crank and Transmission Seal Removal Tool

Helps to remove 616 and 617 Diesel Engine Front Crank Seals and automatic transmissions from 1965 to 1995

If you have a leaking transmission seal it can be a real bear to get the old seals out without this special pry tool. It works on both the front and rear transmission shaft seals. This tool also works great for removing the front crank seal on both gas and diesel engines.

Currently out of stock.

107 126 Chassis 380 V8 Engine thermostat

Brand new Behr thermostat, rated at 84 degrees celcius. Fits all 126 Chassis 380 engines from 1981 to 1985 both in 107 chassis and 126 Chassis.


Power Steering Fluid - Per Liter

All Models with power steering from 1958 to 1985

This item can only be shipped UPS Ground because it is a liquid. One Liter of correct Power steering fluid. Fully compatible with Dexron II systems but has enhanced aditives to reduce steering box gear wear.


Early Power Sunroof Service components

For Non Tilting Power Sunroofs 1965-1985 - Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE!

For all 111, 112, 108, 109, 114, 115, 107, 116, 123, 126 and 201 chassis (Non tilting roofs up through 1986)Do you have a power sunroof that is working poorly or maybe not at all? Does it move slowly or not at all in the morning, but when it heats up during the day it works just fine?


190E 300E 300SE 300SEL Main Fuel Filter w/ Manual

MEYLE NO LONGER AVAILABLE --- NOW SHIPPING MAHLE BRAND Comes with complete installation manual on all fuel pump components

The large capacity fuel filter is designed to remove water and particulates from your fuel before it reaches critical engine injection components. When the filter starts to become plugged you may experience power loss at speed, engine stumbling, and hard starting.


190E 300E 300SE 300SEL Main Fuel Filter by Meyle

MEYLE NO LONGER AVAILABLE --- NOW SHIPPING MAHLE BRAND Fits most gas models from mid to late 1980s up through mid 1990s

The large capacity fuel filter is designed to remove water and particulates from your fuel before it reaches critical engine injection components. When the filter starts to become plugged you may experience power loss at speed, engine stumbling, and hard starting.


All Models Brake Caliper Bleed Screw Rubber Caps - Set of (4)

Fits almost all Mercedes ever made with disc calipers

Here is a neat little protection cap that is most often missing on well over half the Mercedes I ever see. These fit over the caliper bleeder screw to prevent dirt and grime from entering the nipple. 4 are required per car and fit both front and rear calipers.

1 Lemonhead piece of candy!!

Source Lemonhead

Keep your Mercedes from becoming a Lemon!! Seek its wisdom when diagnosing a problem... :-)

Buy a lemonhead for ten cents when added to any order including other item(s).

Limit 10 per customer

Currently out of stock.

Late 123 107 126 Monovalve Heater Switch Valve Solenoid Used

Fits 1981 to 1991 models of the above chassis ONLY

For heat control on 123 300D 300CD 300DD 126 300SD 300SDL 107 380SL 560SL 1981-1991. Good used mono-valve switch solenoid. When this goes bad the valve will not operate and if it shorts and gets overheated then a new valve will not fit into the solenoid housing.


1960s to 1985 Front Flexible Brake Hose by Meyle

Fits Chassis 108 114 115 116 Early 107 thru 1985, 450SL 380SL

Front flexible brake hose fits right or left side of most models from 1967 to 1985 including 250SE 280SE 300SEL 250 280 220D 240D 300D 450SE 300SD. Does NOT work on 123 chassis cars.

Currently out of stock.

Front Bendix Brake Caliper Seal Kit

For 107 116 123 126 Before 1986

New seal kit for ONE caliper. Only works on BENDIX calipers. Fits many models from early 1970s to mid 1980s. Includes 450SL 380SL 450SE 450SEL 380SEL 300SD 123 chassis 240D 300D 300CD 300TD.


Front ATE Brake Caliper Seal Kit

For 107 116 123 126 Chassis before 1986

New seal kit for ONE caliper. Only works on ATE calipers. Fits many models from early 1970s to mid 1980s. Includes 450SL 380SL 450SE 450SEL 380SEL 300SD 123 chassis 240D 300D 300CD 300TD,


Flexible Brake Hose Installation Kit 1968 to 1991

Includes 9x11 mm flare nut brake line wrench, thread sealant and PDF instructions

Fits 107 115 116 123 and 126 Chassis. This "must have" kit will help you replace the rubber flexible brake hoses on your older Mercedes from the late 60s up through the late 80s.


110 108 111 113 114 115 Front Brake Pads

With built in anti Squeal shim plates

Brand new semi metallic aftermarket Front brake pad set. Both right and left SIDE. You will love how these pads seat in and feel - and especially how they don't squeal.... These fit a large number of models including 230 200D 250SL, 280SL, 250S, 250SE, 280S, 280SE.


All Models Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Protective cap

Prevents leaks when pressure bleeding brakes

This small rubber cap protects dirt from entering your level indicator on your brake fluid reservoir. Fits 107 114 115 116 123 126 201 and 124 models from the early 70s to mid 1990s.


107 114 115 116 123 Master Cylinder Brake Fluid Reservoir Grommet

Seal or Seals between Reservoir and Metal Cylinder

This large size rubber grommet seal is a common leak area at the bottom of your brake fluid reservoir. Fits all 107 chassis, 114 and 115 chassis SEDANS ONLY, 116 chassis and 123 chassis from 1972 to 1985.

BOSCH Auxiliary Electric Water Pump
Currently out of stock.

116 123 107 126 and 201 Chassis BOSCH Auxiliary Electric Water Pump

This Aux pump is essential to proper and steady heat control in applicable 1977 to 1993 Models - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

FITS THE FOLLOWING, all 116, 123, 107, 126, and 201 chassis 1977 to 1993 (does not work in the W124 chassis). This is an original equipment Bosch electric water pump. If you are having heating problems this little unit is often overlooked.


Transmission Shift Rod Retaining Clip X 2

Fits late 108 113 111 109 and 107 116 114 115 123 126 201 and 124 Chassis

 These same clips are used on almost all Mercedes Benz Models from the late 1960s up into the 1990s. If you have lost or damaged one of your clips here is a chance to get replacements. Maybe good idea to have spares on hand. Sold in set of 2. 

Large German Hose Clamp Set of 6

Large German Hose Clamp Set of 6

Applies to all Mercedes, PON FIN Pre 1960, 190SL, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 108, 109, 107, 116, 123, 126, 201, and 124 chassis. Here is a kit you will love to have around the shop.

freeze plug

Gas and Diesel Engine Block Freeze Plug

This size freeze plug fits almost all gas and diesel engines from the early 70s up into the 90s. This includes all 61x and 60x diesel engines, the 103 gas engine in the 190E, 300SE and 300E. It also fits many V8 engines but you should measure your current plug to be sure.

dash lite bulbs

Large Size Dash Light Bulb Set of 6

Fits many models from the late 1960's to the early 1990s

These bulbs are 5 watts and they fit a number of applications for instance in your instrument cluster. Check to see how many you need. These are primarly bulbs for the dash lights in the W114 114, W115 115, W123, 123, W126 126, W201 201 and W124 124 Chassis


Radiator and Heater Hose Pick Removal Tool

Use all all vehicles with rubber coolant hoses

If you plan to change coolant hoses this is a must-have labor-saving tool. This is one cleverly designed tool. I could not have done it better myself. I actually use to make a couple of different types before I found this one.

Threadlocker small blue

SUPER GLUE Removable Blue Thread Locker

High Quality Thread Locking Compound Affordable Size

This removable threadlocker is probably the best that I have used. It has the best sealing cap and cures rapidly and reliably when confined between metal parts. Use it to lock threaded fasteners, nuts, bolts and screws from loosening. Extremely important in critical engine and suspension parts.


380SL 380SE 380SEL Single Row Timing Chain Replacement

For 1981 to 1983 engines that have not been converted to twin. Recommend Replacement every 25,000 miles

Many have been told if they have a single row timing chain on an early 380 engine they should convert to a twin row chain. I personally do not recommend this. Problem is most of the cars are just not worth the money and time required to make this conversion.


Gas and Diesel Engine Timing Chain Guide Rail Pin Removal Tool

For 3.5 4.5 380 420 560 V8s - 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD

Almost all Mercedes gas and diesel engines from the late 50's up to the early 90's used pressed in steel pins to hold the timing chain guide rails in position (inside the engine block). Please note Diesels only up to 1985, excluding the 190D 201 chassis, gasoline v8 engines only up to 1991.