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Late W123 and W126 Cigarette Lighter - USED

Fits 1981 to 1991 W123 and W126 - may fit others with similar design

Cosmetic replacement. Very nice looking cigarette light, but I have not tested so can not confirm if it works or not. I may work fine but can not guarantee. Priced accordingly. Not returnable. 


1973 to 1979 Power Sunroof Motor - Used

Used on W116, W114 sedans, W115 sedans and early W123 sedans to 1979

Good used working (tested) sunroof motor and rubber drive bushing as shown. 


HD Diesel Engine Glow Plug Circuit Tester

Every diesel owner should have one of these in the trunk to quickly test glow plug functions

A 12 volt test light is a very handy tool to have when working on any car but it is particularly important if you have a old diesel. This tool will allow you to quickly determine if there is power getting to your glow plugs, and if not where the power is breaking down.

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Mercedes Ignition Switch Buzzer - On Demand Video

How to Replace a Mercedes Ignition Key Lock Buzzer Switch - On Demand Video

When replacing a steering lock this little black switch can be a pain to get off

When replacing the steering lock assembly in your Benz you will need to remove that little black plastic switch on the side of the lock from the old one and put it on the new part. You can not pry it off, squeeze it off or pull it off by hand. 

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Using Lipo Batteries - On Demand Video

How to Use Small Lithium Polymer Batteries to Work on Your Car - On Demand Video

If you are into RC (radio control) you will already have these batteries and special charger

Tired of lugging around heavy batteries or battery boosters to test electrical components in your car? It does not have to be a Mercedes. It does not even have to be a car. Anything that runs off 12 volt DC power can be tested by these small, light weight but very powerful batteries.

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Rear Power Window Test - On Demand Video

Troubleshooting Rear Door Power Window Failure

Electrical diagnosis can be done without removing door panel

If your rear door power window is not moving or the motor is not making any noise, it could be a failed motor, rear door switch, front switch or even a wiring problem. Trying to narrow down the problem can be frustrating unless you know the proper troubleshooting sequence.

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Temperature Gauge Fix - On Demand Video

Faulty Engine Temperature Gauge Troubleshooting and Repair - On Demand Video

Learn from this challenge some basic automotive electrical troubleshooting procedures

If your engine temperature gauge is not reading at all, you need to fix it before you keep driving the car. To ignore this could lead to major engine failure, since you will have no way to get an adequate warning that your engine is about to overheat.

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W123 Easy Fuse Box Cover Removal and Replacement - On Demand Video

You would think this is easy until you get a W123 and try it yourself!

This is another small "frustration" for W123 diesel owners. The fuse box cover is mounted flat to the firewall behind and to the left of the brake booster. You can not just pull it straight out nor can you just push it straight back on.

Early Internal Square Voltage Regulator

Early Internal Square Voltage Regulator

Fits Early Pre 1980 Models -Direct replacement for rectangular box regulator

Works on most Early 116, 107, 114, 115 and early 123 models up to the end of the 1970s. This is a replacement for the Bosch rectangular voltage regulator (see image below) those cars that use an internal voltage regulator.


Late 616 617 Diesel High Performance Glow Plug Relay

1981 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD - Faster smoother starts in COLD WEATHER!

Looking for better-staring performance? Are your glow system lights not coming on on your dash even after replacing the glow plugs? It it taking way too long for the glow light to go out ( it should only be on 5 to 10 seconds)?


50 AMP Glow Plug Circuit Strip Fuse - Sold Individually

For 1977 to 1983 240D

50 amp fuses were used on most 123 240D diesel glow plug systems due to the lower amp draw. 80 amp fuses will also work but some may choose to go with original spec. Check the number on the center of the fuse you are currently using. It should read either 50 or 80.


80 AMP Glow Relay Strip Fuse - 3 Pack

300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 300SDL 190D

Fits chassis 116 123 126 124 and 201 Diesels with pencil glow plugs, from 1978 to 1989. This includes the OM617, OM601, OM602, and OM603 engines.  They also work on 1977 to 1979 300D 300CD and 300TD with series glow plugs. This pack includes three individual fuses.


Diesel PENCIL Glow Plug Relay Manual Override Kit

Alternative to expensive factory preglow relay on 1980 to 1993 diesels W116 W123 W126 W201 W124 and W140

Can be installed on the following models:  Please read carefully. All Turbo 116 and 126 300SD 1978 to 1985. All 123 turbo and non turbo 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 1980 to 1985. 1984 to 1989 201 190D. 1986 to 1991 126 300SDL 350SD and 350SDL. 1986 to 1993 124 300D and 300TD.


Early 300D 300CD 300TD Non-Turbo Glow Relay Manual Override Kit w/ Upgrade Plugs

1975 to 1979 5 cylinder non-turbo models - PDF Digital Instructions included!

Fits the Following, 1975 to 1976 ONLY 115 chassis 300D and 123 chassis 300D 300CD and 300TD from 1977 to 1979 with series style loop glow plugs. SVO / WVO applicable. If you are tired of glow plug problems, then this kit is made for you.

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W123 Battery Removal Easy Method and Under Tray Inspection Alert - On Demand Video

How to prevent damage to the battery, the car and your back when removing that big battery

This is another small "frustration" for W123 diesel owners. The diesel requires a big and heavy battery that is not as easy to remove and replace as you would think. If you are not careful, you can tweak your lower back lifting one out of the car.

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Waking Up an Old Benz That Has Sat for Years Part 2 - On Demand Video

After getting the engine running what's next?

When an old Mercedes ( or any other car for that matter ) has sat idle for over a year it can be a challenge to get it safely back on the road again. If it has sat idle for more than 5 years you may find it difficult to even get the engine running.


1977 to 1985 W116 R107 W123 and W126 Electric Auxiliary Fan

Replace that noisy annoying fan with new! For 450SEL, 450SL, 450SLC, 300SD, 380SEL, 380SL, 380SLC, 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300TD, 280E and 280CE

This is a high-quality ACM aftermarket part. The fan runs smooth and air movement is very strong.

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Single Wire O2 Sensor Installation Instructions - On Demand Video

For 1980 to 1985 gas 6 and 8 cylinder models with oxygen sensor installed.

Is your old gas engine running a little rough? There could be lots of reasons for this but if you have good compression, good plugs and wires you might consider replacing your O2 sensor even if your warning light is not showing up. This is an easy DIY job.


1981 to 1985 6 and 8 Cylinder Single Wire O2 Sensor Installation Kit

Fits 280E 280CE 380SL 380SEC 380SE 380SEL 500SL 500SEL with oxygen sensor installed

This is a part that hardly ever gets changed and it is an easy DIY job if you can access under your Benz. Make sure your model fits those described and has an O2 sensor installed. You can confirm that by the existance of a o2 sensor warning light on your dash.


1981 to 1985 W123 300TD Wagon Rear Wiper Motor Assembly

This is a low time unit. No cracks, no adverse wear, exceptional -Refurbished. Fully cleaned lubricated, and tested.

This is one of the nicest I have seen both inside and out. Complete with the attachment through the rear glass hardware. Kent will also include at no extra charge his on-demand video on restoring one of these. This will show you how to remove and replace it in your wagon.

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W123 300TD Wagon Rear Hatch Wiper Motor Assembly Service and Repair - On Demand Video

For all 1978 to 1985 Estate Station Wagons - Remove - Inspect - Service - Repair - Overhaul - Reinstall. Kent covers it all.

I think well over half of all W123 wagon rear hatch wiper assemblies are either stuck, broken, inoperative, noisy or just won't part properly. The main reason for all these failures is lack of service ( ie lubrication ). It just never gets done.


1982 to 1985 W123 300D REBUILT Cruise Control Amplifier

Our experience has shown 70% to 80% of cruise control problems are related to failure of this unit - NO CORE CHARGE!

Rebuilt and sealed unit by a professional electronic component rebuilder. Replacing this unit will solve most BUT NOT ALL cruise control problems on your turbo diesel 123 300D sedan.


W123 Sedan and Coupe Fuel Tank Sending Unit - NEW!

Includes new o-ring seal. Fits all 123 240D, 300D, 300CD, 280CE, 280E, and 230E from 1977 to 1985

This is a quality aftermarket part and an excellent alternative to a used one. New O.E. are no longer available. 

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How to Test and Troubleshoot Your Power Antenna Wiring - On Demand Video

Applies to most all models from the early 1970's to the early 1990's

This 17-minute video will cover the removal of an old Hirschmann power antenna and then Kent will show you how to troubleshoot the wiring plug in the car to see if you are getting proper power back to the antenna. No sense in replacing a faulty antenna until you make sure your wiring is OK!

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How to Install an Aftermarket Power Antenna in Your W116, W123 or W126 - On Demand Video

Applies directly to the models listed and indirectly to others in the 1980's and early 1990's

In this xx-minute long video, Kent will show you how to install our aftermarket power antenna in your 116, 123, or 123 sedan or coupe. Removal of your old antenna is not covered in this on-demand video but it is very straightforward once you remove the inner fender well panel.


W116 W123 W126 Aftermarket Power Antenna Replacement Kit

An inexpensive and reliable alternative complete with Kent's detailed install and wiring video instructions.

Power Hirschmann antennas are no longer available new. It is possible to remove and repair the old Hirschmanns if you are willing to dig in and spend time cleaning, adjusting, lubing, etc.


W123 Early 240D Glow Plug Main Fuse Panel Repair Kit

Fits only 1977 to 1979 240D with fuse holder mounted on the firewall.

This is such a big problem on early 1977 to 1979 123  240D  diesels that I decided a good replacement kit was in order. Often I find the main feed wire loose or frayed, the fuse box cracked or melted, and the fuse connector points corroded or loose.


W123 300TD WAGON Original Hirschmann Power Antenna Refurbished

Unique to the 1978 to early 1984 estate ( station wagon ) with 5 fat pin wiring plug ( see picture below)

This original 300TD power antenna has been inspected, cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and tested in our shop. Very good  Antenna mast installed and working smoothly and mounting hardware as shown is included.


1977 to 1983 W123 Sedan and Coupe Original Hirschmann Power Antenna Refurbished

Fits SOME 1984 240D 300D 280E and 300CD BUT NOT ALL. (They changed design in mid to late 1984. See notes below and check your old one before ordering.

Inspected, cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and tested in our shop with a new Antenna mast installed. This one is in very good condition and it comes will all the upper fender mounting hardware and seals as shown.

On Demand Video

How to Remove a Window Regulator When Motor Won't Run - On Demand Video

This technique was filmed on a W126 sedan "stuck" front window regulator. Principles will apply to most power windows 1970 to 1995 but not all.

When the motor won't move the window down you can not get to the bolts that hold the regulator to the glass. So then how can you get it out of the door!  What a pain! In this xxx minute video Kent will show you what you need to do in order to get a "stuck" power window regulator out of a door.


1968 to 1995 Most Models Fuse Box Basic Service Kit - Without Tool

Fuses, supplies, and video instructions (below) to restore most older fuse boxes to better than original condition. TOOL NOT INCLUDED IN BASIC SERVICE KIT

So you think the fuses in your old Mercedes fuse box are fine and have no need for service. Sometimes fuses may look ok at first glance, but if you are having some unexplained and/or intermittent electrical problems, then you might want to take a closer look - and I mean real CLOSE!


1968 to 1995 Most Models Fuse Box Ultimate Service Kit

Fuses, supplies, tools and video instructions (below) to restore most older fuse boxes to better than original condition.

So you think the fuses in your old Mercedes fuse box are fine and have no need for service. Sometimes fuses may look ok at first glance, but if you are having some unexplained and/or intermittent electrical problems, then you might want to take a closer look - and I mean real CLOSE!


16 AMP Red Fuses - 5 PK

These are quality anodized aluminum replacement fuses. The copper alloy ones we use to sell are no longer available!

We sell the best aluminum ones available. These are the new style high quality anodized aluminum replacements to help prevent corrosion at the tips.  Much better than the original aluminum ceramic fuses.  Pack of five 16 amp fuses as shown.


Unique Brass Brushes for Cleaning Electrical Contacts in Tight Locations

Two different ends for different applications. Small end is very narrow. Ideal brush for cleaning fuse box contacts.

Kent has found so many uses for this little brush that he can hardly count them. On the top of his list is using this brush to clean out the typical corrosion on the fuse box contacts. Watch the video and you will see what this brush is ideal. 


Premium 12 Volt Battery Tender / Maintainer Installation Kit with Video instructions

Quickly disconnect and reconnect to your car's battery - SAVE your battery and know it will always start!

This is a must-have if you have a prized Benz or any car you don't drive often!! If you let any of your cars sit for long periods ( generally over 30 days) without driving them, you can ruin your battery, especially if you let it go completely dead.


Electrical Female Plug Contact Cleaner Brush and Anti-corrosion Kit

Four different sizes of stiff nylon brushes to get into those small plug holes with dielectric grease and applicators

The electrical plugs on 1995 and older Mercedes have a tendency to corrode when exposed to high moisture enviornments. When they do corrode - you will not see the corrosion - and you can end up having all kinds of weird electrical problems.


1977 to 1979 240D COMPLETE Wiring Harness - USED

You may not need all of this but wow! Where would you find one without a lot of work

Very nice and carefully removed wiring harness from an early W123 240D. Not 100 percent sure it is all there but sure looks like it with all the plugs intact and nothing cut. You may not need all of this but if you just need some sections for a 77 to 79 240D it is worth having this on hand.