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1973 to 1979 Power Sunroof Motor - Used

Used on W116, W114 sedans, W115 sedans and early W123 sedans to 1979

Good used working (tested) sunroof motor and rubber drive bushing as shown. 


HD Diesel Engine Glow Plug Circuit Tester

Every diesel owner should have one of these in the trunk to quickly test glow plug functions

A 12 volt test light is a very handy tool to have when working on any car but it is particularly important if you have a old diesel. This tool will allow you to quickly determine if there is power getting to your glow plugs, and if not where the power is breaking down.

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Mercedes Ignition Switch Buzzer - On Demand Video

How to Replace a Mercedes Ignition Key Lock Buzzer Switch - On Demand Video

When replacing a steering lock this little black switch can be a pain to get off

When replacing the steering lock assembly in your Benz you will need to remove that little black plastic switch on the side of the lock from the old one and put it on the new part. You can not pry it off, squeeze it off or pull it off by hand. 

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Using Lipo Batteries - On Demand Video

How to Use Small Lithium Polymer Batteries to Work on Your Car - On Demand Video

If you are into RC (radio control) you will already have these batteries and special charger

Tired of lugging around heavy batteries or battery boosters to test electrical components in your car? It does not have to be a Mercedes. It does not even have to be a car. Anything that runs off 12 volt DC power can be tested by these small, light weight but very powerful batteries.


114 115 Performance Fuse Kit Upgrade with Instructions

CERAMIC alloy fuses that will prevent corrosion at the contact points in the fuse box

For 1969 to 1976 220 250 280 280C 220D 240D 300D.  This is the best electrical upgrade you can make for the buck! Have you been having electrical problems in your older chassis Mercedes?

Early Internal Meyle Square Voltage Regulato

Early Internal Meyle Square Voltage Regulator

Fits Early Pre 1980 Models -Direct replacement for rectangular box regulator

Works on most Early 116, 107, 114, 115 and early 123 models up to the end of the 1970s. This is a Meyle replacement for the Bosch rectangular voltage regulator (see image below) those cars that use an internal voltage regulator.

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Waking Up an Old Benz That Has Sat for Years Part 2 - On Demand Video

After getting the engine running what's next?

When an old Mercedes ( or any other car for that matter ) has sat idle for over a year it can be a challenge to get it safely back on the road again. If it has sat idle for more than 5 years you may find it difficult to even get the engine running.

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Grab Bag of Misc. Automotive Wire - Removed from Cars

Consists of 8 different pieces of wire - different sizes, lengths and colors

Ever just need a small piece of good auto wire to make a repair - then run to hardware store to discover they only have lighting cord wire or you have to buy a big roll.  This bag of 8 pieces of wire consists of different wire gauge and color. Lengths average from 3 to 6 feet long.


Unique Brass Brushes for Cleaning Electrical Contacts in Tight Locations

Two different ends for different applications. Small end is very narrow. Ideal brush for cleaning fuse box contacts.

Kent has found so many uses for this little brush that he can hardly count them. On the top of his list is using this brush to clean out the typical corrosion on the fuse box contacts. Watch the video and you will see what this brush is ideal. 


Battery Ring Terminal Harness for Battery Maintainer / Trickle Charger

Comes with built in fuse for safety - Use this harness to swap your trickle charger from one car to another.

So you have more than one car and only want to purchase one battery tender / maintainer. You can use this high quality harness to connect to another car's battery and then just move your trickle charger between cars by easily unplugging it and plugging it back in.


Premium 12 Volt Battery Tender / Maintainer Installation Kit with Video instructions

Quickly disconnect and reconnect to your car's battery - SAVE your battery and know it will always start!

This is a must-have if you have a prized Benz or any car you don't drive often!! If you let any of your cars sit for long periods ( generally over 30 days) without driving them, you can ruin your battery, especially if you let it go completely dead.


Early 4 Cylinder Points to Electronic Conversion Kit with Instructions

For 1958 to 1972 4 cylinder gas 190, 190SL, 200 and 220

We believe that installing this Electronic Ignition in your pre 1973 Mercedes Benz 4 CYLINDER GAS ENGINE is absolutely the best upgrade you can make to your old classic. Elimination of the contact breaker points is the key to this modification.

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Electronic Ignition Install: Supplement for 4 Cylinder Engines - On Demand Video

Applies to 4 Cylinder Gas 190 190SL 200 and 220 models 1958 to 1972

This short video instruction is meant to go along with our 4 cylinder electronic conversion kit. These are the supplemental instructions to help you successfully install the correct shutter onto the camshaft of an early 4 cylinder distributor. This can be a little tricky on certain models.


Electrical Female Plug Contact Cleaner Brush and Anti-corrosion Kit

Four different sizes of stiff nylon brushes to get into those small plug holes with dielectric grease and applicators

The electrical plugs on 1995 and older Mercedes have a tendency to corrode when exposed to high moisture enviornments. When they do corrode - you will not see the corrosion - and you can end up having all kinds of weird electrical problems.


Ceramic Fuse Easy Install Tool with Custom Jaws

Fastest, easiest and most secure way to remove and replace the fuses in your fuse box. Version 2 now with improved gripping head to get into tight places.

After years of "fighting" fuse replacement, Kent finally decided he had had enough!  And so is born another special tool. It is designed specifically to securely grab hold of a ceramic fuse and remove it from and replace it back into the fuse box with very minimal exertion and no damage.

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Battery Connection Troubleshooting and Maintenance - On Demand Video Instruction

Battery Connection Troubleshooting and Maintenance - On Demand Video

Extremely critical on later cars with on board computer systems

In this video Kent explains some of the key reasons for poor battery contact and loss of voltage to important electrical components.  If you want your later model Mercedes to run a peak performance pay attention to your battery.


Fuse Box Upgrade Instructions By Kent Bergsma - Download

 Have you been having electrical problems in your older Mercedes? Maybe you have taken the fuse box cover off and wiggled a few fuses and it has solved the problem for a while. You probably noticed corrosion on the tips of the old aluminum fuses.

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Battery Tender (Trickle Charger) Installation Kit

NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Please see related products below for our premium upgrade of this charger kit.

This is a must-have if you have a prized Benz or any car you don't drive often!! If you let any of your cars sit for long periods ( generally over 30 days) without driving them, you can ruin your battery, especially if you let it go completely dead.


Engine Water Pump Gasket

Fits between water pump and water pump housing. Applicable to many models listed below

For Water Pump with 5 Bolt Holes

Fits Mercedes:

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Electrical Repair - #8 Wire Terminal Crimping Tool

This one is for HEAVY wire!

Normal Crimping tools usually only go down to #10 wire. It is hard to find one that will REALLY crimp #8 automotive electrical wire. This one has brute force and call also function as a lineman's plier and wire cutter. Also good For use when wiring in additional components.

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Starting Performance - Battery Heater for Winter Starting

Can increase cranking power by more than 50 percent!

This electric pad heater will work on any model that does not have an enclosed battery. It is plugged into a 110 volt outlet and only draws 60 watts (same as small light bulb).


Late 114 115 and 116 107 and 123 126 201 124 Seat Belt Warning Buzzer Switch

Fits most 1974 to 1991 Models with steering lock buzzer switch

Genuine MBZ Part with wiring plug for later models: Please note this buzzer is really for the 1985 and later models. The wiring pigtail is not used on pre-1985 steering locks. The switch itself is the same but for older models you will have to install and leave the pigtail connected.


25 AMP Blue Fuses - 20 PACK


25 amp Fuses, made of brass copper alloy. High quality. Sold in a package of 20. Fits All Mercedes up to 1995.

To see our fuse kits with Instructions enter fuse in the search box.


16 AMP Red Fuses - 20 PACK


16 amp Fuses, made of brass copper alloy. High quality. Sold in a package of 20. Fits All Mercedes up to 1995

CLICK HERE to see our fuse kits with Instructions.


8 AMP White Fuses - 20 PACK


8 amp Fuses, made of brass copper alloy. High quality. Sold in a package of 20. Fits All Mercedes up to 1995.

CLICK HERE to see our fuse kits with Instructions.


Bosch 335HZ Horn

Fits the following:


Bosch 400HZ Horn

Brand new horn. Please see all applicable models below.

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Engine Oil Pan Pad Heater Installation Kit

Improves cold starts and reduces engine wear on all engines

Heating your engine oil overnight is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your engine. This allows the thinner oil to flow more quickly to the bearings and cylinder walls. It has been shown that 80 to 90 percent of engine wear occurs at cold starts and warm up.


SMOOTH Antenna Mast Cable for Hirschmann Power Antenna 116 123 126

Includes written instructions by Kent Bergsma

 IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not sell replacement antenna masts by year and model. We have run across too many problems with confusion, interchangeability, and previously swapped antennas. We sell a SMOOTH TAIL mast and a TOOTH TAIL mast.


Hirschmann Universal Replacement Power Antenna with Custom Instructions

Fits late 60's up to 1985 models 114, 115, 116 and 123 and 126 models to 1981 to 1991.

Looking for a solution to solve your 114 115 116 123 or early 126 chassis power antenna problems? In my humble opinion the original power antennas on all 1985 and older Mercedes are just getting too old to mess with anymore.

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7 Function Electric Multimeter Tester

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to test the electrical circuits on your Mercedes here is a good option. This tester reads both AC and DC voltage, DC current, resistance, and transistor, diode and battery test.

Early turn signal relay
Currently out of stock.

Turn Signal Flasher Relay Most Models 1968-1980

Make sure your pin set up is the same as pictured. PART IS NOT RETURNABLE
New Bosch original equipment flasher relay. Fits 107, 114, 115 and 116 chassis only up to 1980. This unit controls the flashing rate on your turn signal lights (not emergency). It is located under the dash on the drivers side.
Red Side Marker Lens

111 113 108 109 114 115 Chassis Red Side Marker Lens

New Red Side Marker lens fits right or left rear sides on late 1960's and early 1970's Mercedes that used this style of side marker lights. Great cosmetic improvement. Complete with new chrome frame. SKU: BDP-COMRSML


Early 6 Cylinder Points to Electronic Ignition Conversion with Instructions

Best upgrade for 220SE, 220S, 230, 250S, 280S, 250SE, 280SE, 280SEL, 230SL, 250SL, 280SL

We believe that installing this Electronic Ignition in your pre-1973 Mercedes Benz 6 CYLINDER ENGINE is absolutely the best upgrade you can make to your old classic. Elimination of the contact breaker points is the key to this modification.

Hella Test Light tool

Hella Test Light tool

High Quality Metal Compact Design

Fits the Following: All models PON, FIN, P55, 110, 111, 112, 113, 108, 109, 114, 115, 107, 116, 123, 124, 126, and 201 chassis. This is a must have tool for any electrical testing! Good quality at an affordable price. Will test all 6 Volt, 12 Volt or 24 volt applications.