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Heavy Duty Reinforced Rubber Jack Stand Top to Body Protecters

Best way to protect the underside of your car from rust and to keep the jack stand from slipping

Over the years Kent has used a number of different things to place on top his jack stands to prevent damage and for added security. He has even tried some of the commercially available jack stand plastic covers. Nothing has proven to work better than the special cut reinforced hose shown here.


W108 W114 W115 W116 Steering Coupling Assembly

Connects the steering column to the steering box - shock buffering

If you are experiencing excessive steering play you might want to inspect your coupler. This new part comes with thread locker bolts and locking washers as shown.


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W110 W111 W113 W108 Shock Absorber Replacement - On Demand Video

The ins and outs and tricks to installing new shocks on your old classic. Applies to all models in those chassis ranges.

In this 24-minute detailed step-by-step video instruction, Kent will walk you through the process of how to successfully remove the old shocks and install new ones.


W110 W111 W113 W108 Full Set of Replacement Shock Absorbers w/ Video Instructions

KYB shocks are an excellent alternative for all the chassis models listed below.

A great alternative to Bilstein shocks at almost half the price! Watch the video below as Kent explains why he put these shocks on his W113 280SL. These are special order parts and depending on supply issues it may take up to 5 days before they can be shipped. 

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How to Install New Steering Tie Rod Ball Joint Ends - On Demand Video

Here are the instructions you need to do it right and you can do it yourself!

In this detailed 30-minute video Kent will walk you through the process of installing new tie rod ends on his 1959 Mercedes 220SE. The principles are the same on almost all models from the 1950s up to the 1990s. He will explain the differences in adjustment between the older and newer styles


1958 to 1991 Full Tie Rod End Replacement Kit w/ Video Instructions

Fits most model passenger cars. Ponton, Fintail, Coupes, SLs, W108 109, R107, W116, W114, W115,W123 and W126. Does NOT fit the W201 or W124 chassis

Loose steering or wheels shaking at speed. This can often be worn out tie rod ball joints. The joints can be replaced as a DIY project. Watch the video below to see if this is something you want to take on yourself.

This kit includes:


Set of 5 14 inch Alloy Wheel Lug Bolts - USED

NOT for wheels with hubcaps. Used on W111, W108, W109, W116, R107, W114, W115, W123 and early to 1985 W126

Fits all Mercedes models with the 14" Alloy bundt cake style wheels. The measurements are M12x1.5mm by 51mm overall length. This is a set of five USED wheel bolts that are not all rusty. 


Loctite Metal Flange Gasket Maker - Small Tube ( 6 ml )

Very best sealant for differential covers and other flat mating surfaces that do not use a gasket. Will not deteriorate like silicone RTV

Here is my all-time favorite gasket maker and sealant. You may already know how I feel about RTV silicone products (I think they should be outlawed!). We have had a number of our customers ask us where to get this so we decided to offer it on our website.

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Repair Leaking Chrome Alloy Wheels with Miracle Paint - On Demand Video

Use multiple coats of Miracle Paint to stabilize and fill the corrosion that causes the tires to leak.

In this video, Kent will show you how he fixed his leaking tires on his chrome alloy wheels by using Miracle Paint. This is a full 22-minute step-by-step instructional video. Watch the video "trailer" below to give you a better understanding of what is involved in this procedure.


W110 W108 W113 W111 Bilstein Full Set of 4 Shock Absorbers

Fits all W110 W111 W113 and W108 sedans, couple and convertibles from 1961 to 1972 - NOW with Kent's video instructions.

Restore that original ride back onto your old W110, W111, W113 or W108. Nothing like a new set of Bilstein shock absorbers. These are the best.


Bilstein Shock Absorber Deluxe Rapid Install Tool Set by Kent Bergsma

Back in stock. You will not believe how easy and fast you can remove and install those pesky top shock nuts! Especially on the R107!

Socket is now black (impact grade). This is a tool that Kent first thought about making 20 years ago. While installing shock absorbers in his 380SL he had finally had enough - so it was back to the machine shop to come up with a new tool.


1961 to 1976 Power Steering Fluid Flushing Kit without Fluid and Filter

Comes with complete video step-by-step instructions. This kit can be shipped internationally.

Get rid of that old and ineffective transmission fluid in your older power steering system. It is the number one cause of excessive gear wear in your steering box. This is our partial kit that does not include the fluids so it can be shipped by air mail. Please study the pictures here.


1961 to 1976 Power Steering Enhanced Fluid Upgrade Kit w/ Video Instructions

To reduce pump and steering box wear. Fits most models during those years. Read description carefully before ordering

Get rid of that old and ineffective transmission fluid in your older power steering system. It is the number one cause of excessive gear wear in your steering box. This kit will include almost everything you will need to do this yourself, along with complete step-by-step video instructions.

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Cleaning and Lubricating Hubs Before Wheel Installation - On Demand Video

So often neglected, yet so important. Also includes information on cleaning and installing lug bolts.

In this video, Kent explains the correct procedure for cleaning and lubricating your hubs and rear brake rotor BEFORE you install your wheels. He hardly ever sees this done when removing wheels on 15 plus-year-old Mercedes so he knows it is almost ALWAYS neglected.


Best Lug Bolt Socket Ever for Alloy Wheels

Fits all 17mm lug bolts from the 1950's up through the 2000's - prevents scratching the finish on your silver rims.

I do not need to say much about this tool. Well made and well thought out. Someone who obviously was frustrated at scratching the finish on his or her alloy wheels came up with this idea. Watch the video below to see why this is now my favorite go it 17 mm lug bolt socket.


230SL 250SL 250S 250SE Early 280SE 14 Inch Wheels for Small Hub Caps

Original wheels installed on maybe models 1963 to 1968 with small caps and beauty rings - hard to find.

VERY STRAIGHT and damage free wheels with knobs to hold the small round hubcaps. This is the actual set of wheels you will receive. I also have a set of white hubcaps and beauty rings for these wheels. See related products below. (You can paint these to match the color of your Benz!)


Bilstein Shock Absorber Removal and Installation Tool

Finally a real tool to hold the top of the shocks while turning the nut or nuts !!

This U.S.A. made 17 mm 8 inch long combination wrench is custom modified here in our shop to help you easily install Bilstein front and rear shocks on most of the older model Mercedes Benz.

On Demand Video

Diagnosing an Often Overlooked Front End Clunking Noise - On Demand Video

Don't neglect front end clunking sounds - they can lead to some dangerous suspension failures

In this video instruction, Kent will demonstrate how to check for one possible source of a mysterious front end clunking sound. Any clunking noise you hear when driving over rough ground or when braking should be investigated immediately.

Early 60s - 70s Subframe Mount Kit (2)

W111 W108 W109 Chassis Front Subframe Mount Kit

Critical part on those chassis models from 1961 to 1973 - Inspect yours by jacking up the front of your car.

90 percent of the above chassis Kent inspects need to have these front subframe mounts replaced. They are more often than not all broken up or rotted. If your front end seems to be moving around on you while driving or drops down when you lift the car - then replace these rubber mounts.