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4 mm hard plastic vacuum line

4 mm Hard Plastic Vacuum Line - PER METER

This vacuum line is white and is 4 mm in size. It is used on all 107 108 109 110 111 113 114 115 116 123 124 126 chassis. You can use it to replace any hard vacuum line on the engine.

On Demand Video

Restoring 1980 and Older Rubber Vacuum Door Lock Actuators - On Demand Video

This only applies to those actuators that do NOT have cracks or tears in the rubber diaphragm

If your early door lock actuators do not have any cracks in the rubber diaphragms, but they just won't hold vacuum - it may be possible to fix them by taking them apart and cleaning and resealing the outer lip of each diaphragm.

3 Way Vacuum Change Over valve

3 Way Electric Change Over Valve - Vacuum Solenoid

Not intended for use with the diesel ALDA overboost circuit.

This is a brand new 3 way Vacuum change over valve. It is located in the engine compartment on a number of different chassis Mercedes, both gas and diesel models, from the 70s up through the late 90s.

108/109 Vacuum Check Valve (blue)

108/109 Vacuum Check Valve (blue)

FITS THE FOLLOWING: all 108 and 109 chassis with vacuum door locks. This check valve helps to hold vacuum in your door lock system. If not working properly vacuum can leak out of the system after you shut the engine off. Check by blowing and then sucking on the check valve.



This is a great gift for the older Mercedes Benz Enthusiast!  Sold in increments of $25. This gift certificate can be toward the purchase of any item or items on our website .