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1980 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD and 81 to 87 126 300SD 300SDL BONUS w/ FREE Electrical Switch

LIMITED OFFER. Only fits years and models noted. Will NOT fit W116 or R107 models ( See related products below), Now comes with both Kent's PDF written manual and new 44 min. video.

As of the summer of 2020 steering locks for these old diesels are no longer being manufactured! Your only option if your key is sticking ( and you already tried replacing the tumbler and key) is to try to find a good used unit or a new old stock unit in some warehouse.


6 Cylinder M103 M104 CIS Fuel Delivery FID Overhaul Kit

For 1986 to 1993 M103 and M104 CIS powered cars (W201, W124, R129 and W126 chassis)

Most 1986 to 1993 6 cylinder CIS fuel injection delivery (FID) systems are old and tired and have not been properly maintained. These include the W201 190E 2.6, the W124 260E 300E, 300CE, 300TE, the W126 300SE, and 300SEL, and the R129 300SL.


1968 to 1985 Non-Tilting Sunroof Repair Products Combined Package

Purchase 7 of the products we offer to service and restore your sunroof in one package and save. Includes lube kit, 2 written manuals, and 4 on-demand instructional videos

INTRODUCTORY SALE: If you are going to "take on" servicing or repairing an old sunroof that does not work or that has been neglected, we are now offering all of Kent's non-tilting sunroof related manuals and video instructions in one package.

On Demand Video

1996 to 2006 722.6 Transmission: Do You Really Need to Replace It? - On Demand Video

Introduction to a very common shifting problem, how to diagnose it and options for repairing it

This is PART 1 of Kent’s three part video series on troubleshooting and repairing a very common shifting problem in the 1996 to 2006 Mercedes 722.6 five (5) speed automatic transmission. The entire video series is included free of charge when


MBZ Brake Systems Complete Repair Manual - PDF Download

Covers 1965-1995 Mercedes Benz Brake Component Replacement

This manual is a complete guide for all brake component replacement for all 1965-1995 Mercedes Benz cars. It will help you identify common signs of trouble, inspecting brake components, and replacing major brake components - a necessity for any DIY brake job on your Mercedes Benz!

On Demand Video

Replacing the 722.6 Transmission Valve Body and Finishing Up - On Demand Video

Covers installing the valve body and new electrical plug, filling the transmission and what you will need to do to clear the error codes

This is PART 3 of Kent’s three part video series on troubleshooting and repairing a very common shifting problem in the 1996 to 2006 Mercedes 722.6 five (5) speed automatic transmission.

On Demand Video

Removing the 722.6 Valve Body and Replacing the Conductor Plate - On Demand Video

Kent will walk you through a step-by-step process that will guarantee successful new part replacement on the bench

This is PART 2 of Kent’s three part video series on troubleshooting and repairing a very common shifting problem in the 1996 to 2006 Mercedes 722.6 five (5) speed automatic transmission.


1983 W123 240D 4-Speed Pristine Example Fully Mechanically and Cosmetically Restored by Kent

Considered by many worldwide the best car ever made. You may find one with lower miles, but you will not find one that has had ALL the key age wear related items restored like this one. The punch list is LONG!

Please  DO NOT try to check out online to purchase this vehicle. If you are interested email - This is not your typical " super low mileage collector car." Often when these garage queens are purchased the owner assumes he will not have to do any work on it. Surprise!


Twin Chamber Brake Fluid Capture Bottle

The best way to flush your brake system fast without creating a mess in the process!

Born out of frustration this twin chamber plastic bottle has solved two of Kent's biggest head aches when brake bleeding or flushing brake systems.

On Demand Video
Tilting Sunroof Repair

Tilting Sunroof Part 2: Tilting Mechanism Service and Repair - On Demand Video

Learn how the tilting arm mechanisms work and how to service, repair and replace them

This is part 2 of a 4 part video series Kent has done on repairing the power tilting sunroofs on the W201 W126 and W124 chassis built from 1986 to 1995. Part 1 covers removal and replacement of the sunroof panel and headliner.


126 Brake Control Rod Ball Joint Bushing Kit (Guide Rod Mounts x 2)

#1 Front suspension wear point on ALL 126 Chassis from 1981 to 1991

PLEASE READ THE ALERT BELOW BEFORE ORDERING. If your 126 sedan or SEC coupe is making front end clunking noises when you brake or go over bumps at slow speed you most likely need to replace the bushings where the lower front suspension guide rod attaches to a body subframe casting.


Ultimate Car Polish for Almost Any Surface

In 50 plus years Kent has tried Hundred's - This is his all time favorite!

Our kit comes with a free micro fiber cloth! This is an advanced water based polish that is made in Germany. Kent has witnessed first hand some amazing results on his own cars and wants to share this excellent product with you. 


615 616 617 Diesel Valve Adjusting Wrench Kit - Designed by Kent Bergsma - Made in the U.S.A.

For adjustable valve clearances on 190D 200D 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 1961 to 1985

These wrenches are fantastic labor savers. If you have been thinking about adjusting your diesels valves on your own - this kit will save you time, frustration, and high shop labor costs. Now is the time to get your own pair. NOW WITH RUBBERIZED GRIP HANDLES. 100 percent made in the U.S.


Pressure Brake Bleeder

As of Jan. 2020 this pressure tank can now perform a cooling system pressure leak test as well . Kent's 2-in-1 invention. See below to purchase the pressure testing cap.

When used for bleeding or flushing your brake system, a single person can do a rapid fluid flush!  No mess and very efficient. Will work on all Mercedes from 1968 to 1995 - Also select 1960's models and most later chassis up to 2006 see list below: 25-minute video instructions are now included.