Service: Precision Linkage and Hinge Oilers ( 2 Pak )

Kent has seen just toooo many problems due to lack of lubrication - particularly engine linkages and hood hinges

Over the years Kent has seen some pretty severe problems due to lack of lubrication. We are talking about hood hinge attach bolts breaking or tearing right out of the fender well (particularly on 123 and 126 chassis). When it comes to sticking throttle linkage you can experience lack of power, poor throttle response, transmission shifting problems and even the throttle sticking wide open !!! - That can be really scary.

Service: Precision Linkage and Hinge Oilers ( 2 Pak )

Product Details

These curved tip syringes make ideal oilers for linkages and hinges.  These important parts should be lubed every 6 months! The curved tip allows you to oil under the ball head and you can precisely place just the right amount of lube where you want it!. We even include a 6" extension tube that allows you to get to those hard to reach places.

Kent's lubrication of choice for linkages and hinges is automatic transmission fluid.  You could put engine oil in one of the syringes for a thicker oil to lube other parts like the hood release mechanism. The best way to fill these oilder is to push handle all the way in, place in container of lube, and pull back on handle to "suck" the lube into the syringe. NTUL