Superlight LED Shop Light Bar 6 Foot Tripod Stand

Tripod with custom fitting: Light bar and attachments sold separately

Light weight easy adjust tripod stand for Kent's Superlight. Adjusts to 6 feet in height. Add the LED light bar at the top of this stand to make an ideal work light when working in your shop. Add some revolving trays or rolling dolly to make it ever more versitile. See related products below for a list of the add-ons to this stand. 

Superlight LED Shop Light Bar 6 Foot Tripod Stand

Product Details

Watch the video to see how this tripod stand is used with the Superlight

We remove the light weight aluminum top with aluminum threads and install a super strong steel stud and that take the abuse of loosening, tightening and swiveling the light bar. Large washer and wing nut included with stand. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Light stand comes fully assembled and ready to use. No other instructions are included other than what is provided in Kent's videos and SuperLight product descriptions. To view all components and attachments of the SuperLight see related products below.

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