Throttle Linkage Ball Socket Service Kit

Works on both gas and diesel engines from the 1950s to the mid 1990's

Keeping your throttle linkage ball sockets and pivot point lubricate extends the life of the parts and maintains top performance for the engine as well as some of the later transmissions. It also prevents VERY SCARY throttle sticking situations that can lead to engine over reving and possible accidents. When they do not get lubricated some can be very hard to get off. This is where this tool really shines! And it can get into some tight places.

Throttle Linkage Ball Socket Service Kit

Product Details

Watch Kent Demonstrate the tool

This kit includes the special tool shown in Kent's video above as well as 1/2 oz container of sythetic grease and two acid brushes (one of which we custom modify to make a stiff socket cleaner.


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