Tire Shop Pain Prevention 17mm Lug Bolt Tool Set

Since tire shops won’t do it, you need to set proper torque on your wheel lug bolts!

This is a MUST HAVE tool EVEN if you don’t work on your own Mercedes. This is one thing you must learn how to do because you can not trust tire shops anymore. See some videos below and I will explain why I feel so strongly about this. If nothing else - when you take your Mercedes into a tire shop take this tool along and tell them THEY HAVE TO TIGHTEN the lug bolts to the proper factory torque specification. Even if they say they will do it when your car comes back from the tire shop you need to double check their work by checking the torque yourself. If you do not do this you may end up with a flat tire on the side of the freeway that you literally can not get off!!!

Tire Shop Pain Prevention 17mm Lug Bolt Tool Set $39.75Sale

Product Details

Heed my warning or suffer the pain and expense of trying to get your wheel off in the future and even breaking off a bolt or two.  This quality toolset will allow you to do this yourself. I am going to make the price so attractive that you will not be able to find any excused not to have this. 

This toolset includes the following:

  • 1/2 inch drive adjustable torque “click stop” style torque wrench
  • 3 inch USA made impact grade 1/2 inch extension
  • 17 mm special impact lug bolt socket with beveled edges to prevent damage to the lug bolt head

This socket fit on the Mercedes lug bolts is one of the best I have found. If you want additional protection for your alloy wheel, take some plastic tape and wrap a couple layers around the outside of the socket.