TOP BRASS - Custom Cleaning Kit for Diesel Fuel Injectors- Designed by Kent Bergsma

The best way to clean your diesel fuel injectors for peak performance! Instructions available separately if needed. See below

When it comes to cleaning diesel fuel injectors, and yes they do need periodic cleaning, there is nothing like having the right tools to do the job. After cleaning literally hundreds of diesel injectors and nozzles I decided to come up with my own set of special brass tools and share them with our customers. 

TOP BRASS - Custom Cleaning Kit for Diesel Fuel Injectors- Designed by Kent Bergsma

Product Details

This tool set will help you disassemble and clean the internal parts without damaging the critical sealing surfaces and injector needle and seat surfaces. Only brass tools should be used on internal parts. The kit contains brass brushes, a brass scraper, a brass seat cleaner, a brass sump chamber cleaning, a brass nozzle hole cleaning, and aluminum vise protectors. I even throw in a stainless steel brush to help clean the outside surfaces. 

OPTIONS FOR INSTRUCTIONS: Since I have written a separate manual on injector cleaning and testing NO instructions are included with this tool kit. If you do not already have this manual and would like detailed instructions, look below in related products to order this manual. We also sell this kit with instructions as a combo special. See below:

SPECIAL NOTE: For those who are running straight vegetable oil SVO WVO for fuel be aware that your fuel injectors will need to be removed for periodic cleaning to assure top performance. From my experience I recommend they be removed and cleaned every 12,000 miles.That corresponds with a recommend valve adjustment on the older diesel engines. I have found it to be convenient to do these jobs at the same time.

I recommend you have a torque wrench handy when removing and reinstalling your injectors. We offer one at a great price. Look below to order.Use a torque wrench when cleaning or rebuilding injectors

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