Vacuum System Hose Repair and Replacement Tool Kit

Works with broken hard lines and stuck hoses

Old age hardened vacuum lines and hoses can sometimes be a real pain to remove. Then tend to just get "stuck" in place. Rough attempts to disconnect them can cause damage. If you are not careful you can crack the rubber hoses or break the plastic lines when moving or pulling on them. Kent has developed a custom made plier that can help you when working on your vacuum system.

Vacuum System Hose Repair and Replacement Tool Kit

Product Details

Watch this tool in action repair some chewed up vacuum lines

Along with helping splice broken on "chewed" lines like you saw in the video above you can use the pliers to help you pull off rubber. Along with the pliers you will receive some short sections of vaccum hose and hard line as shown along with a couple golf tees that will allow you temporarily plug leaks in your vacuum system during testing and repair.