W115 300D Diesel Engine with VERY Low Miles


Factory remanufactured replacement engine with less than 70,000 miles. I removed this engine from a 1975 300 D ( with fit directly into the 1975 or 1976 W115 300D sedans ). Talk about a super running engine. I remember it would start even without glow plugs! This was a factory replacement for the previous owner who only drove the car about 65,000 miles after this engine was installed. I have kept it trying to find the "perfect" 300D but I have given up on that "dream."We have had a couple of people interested in this engine to put in a 240D and have ended up discouraging them because they were not aware that this is not a straight bolt in. Lots of subtle differences like oil cooler hoses, exhaust, throttle linkage hook ups, engine shut off is totally different, driveshaft a different length, etc. etc. This can be a good conversion but to make it go something you really need a 300D parts car.

W115 300D Diesel Engine with VERY Low Miles

Product Details


This will also fit into the early W123 1977 to 1979 300D with modifications.

Comes mostly complete and ready to install except for the starter motor. 

NO SHIPPING: This engine must be picked up at our shop in Bellingham, Washington. We just do not have the time to hassle with shipping or the problems associated with it. When you come it pick it up personally, we can load it into your trailer, pickup, Suburban, or Expedition with our engine hoist but it will not be on a pallet. You will need to bring along your own straps to tie the engine down.

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