W116 300SD VCV Vacuum Control Auto Transmission Shifting Valve

Cleaned and tested - comes complete with activation rod.

Excellent used vacuum shift valve for the 1978 to 1980 300SD. This has been tested in our shop and is in good working conditioin. When you put it on your particular diesel it most likely will need to be adjusted. No instructions are included with this part.

W116 300SD VCV Vacuum Control Auto Transmission Shifting Valve

Product Details

If you need instructions and wish to adjust you will need Kent's VCV adjusting kit that includes the needed vacuum guage as well as complete tuning manual on diesel automatics. This 120+ page manual will cover other shift related topics as well. You will also need to make sure your diesel has a strong and leak free vacuum system for this valve to work properly. Check out Kent's Vacuum Source Troubleshooting manual.  Please refer to related products for additional help.

WARNING: YOU MUST LOOK at your existing VCV BEFORE ordering this part. There is no guarantee this may fit as someone may have installed a later model engine or made other modifications to your injection pump. Look at the arm coming off your VCV. It must be straight and look exactly like the one pictured. If yours has a curved arm coming off the valve to hold the rod then this part will NOT work. DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE ORDERING!

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