W123 300TD WAGON Original Hirschmann Power Antenna Refurbished

Unique to the 1978 to early 1984 estate ( station wagon ) with 5 fat pin wiring plug ( see picture below)

This original 300TD power antenna has been inspected, cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and tested in our shop. Very good  Antenna mast installed and working smoothly and mounting hardware as shown is included. Do not expect the body seals to be perfect. The unit is in super nice condition and the wagon antennas are getting hard to find. See the video below for the process. 

W123 300TD WAGON Original Hirschmann Power Antenna Refurbished

Product Details

Kent explains what is done to these antennas

Warning: If you plug this antenna into your car and it does not work it means you have a wiring problem. Check to make certain you have power to the plug all the time even with the key off and that you have power to the small blue wiring connection when you turn the radio on.

We have other antennas available for other models. See related products below. If you do not see what you are looking for please email us. 

Notice the type of wiring plug this antenna has. End of production models used a small pin plug and all plastic antenna. Be sure to check your before ordering. This will of course fit in the later models but you would have to do some wiring plug modifications.

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