Late W123 Front Brake Squeal / Shimmy DIY Repair Kit with Advanced Instructions

For 1981 to 1985 123 sedans, coupes and wagons. Includes free full PDF brake repair manual

From our experience, it seems like front brakes are more often neglected than the rears - especially the rotors. Of course, fronts usually wear faster, but it could also be due to the difficulty and the time it takes to replace fronts as opposed to rears. Kent will make it easier. and less. expensive to do this job yourself with this kit. Watch the video as he explains what is included and why.

Late W123 Front Brake Squeal / Shimmy DIY Repair Kit with Advanced Instructions
Free Add-Ons Included:

Removing the Front Brake Rotor from the Bearing Hub - On Demand Video

MBZ Brake Systems Complete Repair Manual - PDF Download

Product Details

Kent explains the causes and cures

Here is what is included:

  • New front special coated rotors to reduce rusting
  • New front semi-metallic brake pads with anti-squeal pads
  • New brake pad sensor wires
  • New flexible brake hoses
  • Brake repair manual PDF by Kent Bergsma
  • Video tips and tricks

Notice that new calipers are not included. Often shops replace the calipers and pads and maybe surface the rotors. This could have already been done on your car sometime in the past. This is poor practice. Hoses are overlooked and turning or resurfacing Mercedes brake rotors is often a waste of time and money. They will soon overheat and warp causing the front end to shake ( often violently ) when pushing hard on the brake pedal at speed. This is what happened to "Bubbles" a 1983 300D sedan. When you remove your front pads you can test to see if both caliper pistons are moving freely. If not you will need to replace or rebuild your calipers.

See below for additional recommendations when doing this job yourself. If you dont have supplies related to brake work we recommend the D0-IT-RIGHT kit shown below. Also, as noted in the video above we recommend DOT 4 brake fluid and a pressure brake bleeder. See related products below.

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