W123 W126 W201 W124 LED Dash WARM WHITE Replacement Bulbs ( Set of 3 )


WARNING: Be very careful buying these from another vendor. They will not work in Mercedes. We have to modify and test each one here in our shop to make certain you will receive a bulb that works and will not burn out immediately or short out your instrument circuit board!  The dash lights on these older models have never been super bright and on the 123 chassis, they have been downright dim - even with new bulbs and a new potentiometer. LED bulbs have arrived and are solving old problems in many applications - particularly concerning heat and power consumption. 

W123 W126 W201 W124 LED Dash WARM WHITE Replacement Bulbs ( Set of 3 ) $16.95Sale
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Modifying and Installing LED Dash Light Bulbs for Peak Performance- ON DEMAND VIDEO

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Watch Kent demonstrate the difference in colors and brightness

Now there is an LED bulb that you can install on the back side of your instrument cluster that will amaze you. These particular bulbs will be much brighter with a more yellow cast warm white light!  All the chassis models mentioned above use 2 bulbs to illuminate the dash at night. These are direct replacements but have to be installed a certain way to work properly.   It does dim but it is not linear. In other words it is either bright or dim.  You will receive a free video Kent filmed on how to properly install the bulbs in the bulb holders and how to modify the bulbs to reduce maximum light intensity  Along with the free video you will receive a tip insert from Kent explaining how to insert them in the holder properly and a few tips on doing it without having to remove the instrument cluster completely from the dash.  NOTE: We include an extra bulb free. Use this if you have any problems or damage one at install. In effect, this is your free warranty replacement. 

PLEASE NOTE: The free video included with these bulbs only covers installing the bulbs correctly in the holders for a tight fit and how to modify the maximum brightness. The video DOES NOT cover removing the instrument cluster from your dash to get to those bulb holders. If you need that information you can purchase Kent's instrument cluster manual separately. You will also need special pull tools to remove the cluster safely. See related products below for the manual and tools.

These bulbs fit into the original holders perfectly. Here you see the comparison of the original bulb with the new LED bulb. All the light is focused forward on the LED bulb which in itself will concentrate more light on the dash instruments.

Warning: Some models will require special dash hooks to pull the cluster out. You can do it by hand on the W123 and the 1985 and older W126 - BUT on the later W126 and the W201 and W124 models you may not be able to get the cluster out of the dash without these special tools. See related products below to order separately. 

Here you can clearly see the difference between the common bright white LED (on the left) and the warm white LED on the right. 

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