WVO Fueling Pump pick up Filter Screen Kit with Extras

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We have looked far and wide for the right size WVO HD pump pickup filter and have finally found it. Our criteria was it had to be all metal, had to be not too small or too big, had to take fitting for 3/4 inch hose, had to have a bottom surface to mount a stand pipe, and had to be easily cleanable. comes with PDF pictorial instructions loaded with tips.

WVO Fueling Pump pick up Filter Screen Kit with Extras $29.95Sale
Free Add-Ons Included:

Proper Use of Pickup Screen When Filtering WVO by Kent Bergsma - Download

Waste Vegetable Oil WVO Fueling Pump Pick Up Screen Kit with Extras

Product Details

Works with any electric fuel transfer pump. Attach this screen to the end of a 3/4 inch hose and put it into the WVO settled container. This stainless screen is 140 microns. Just enough to protect your pump but not so fine as to plug up quickly or slow down the flow of cold vegetable oil (down to freezing). Below freezing you will have to warm the oil for good flow rate even with this screen! Screen size measures 2.5 inches in diameter and 2.7 inches long.

We include with the filter pickup screen a nylon nipple fitting to connect to 3/4 inch ID hose (standard size for pump WVO) and a quality hose clamp. It is a good idea never to pump off the bottom of a drum or container so we recommend gluing on (with expoxy) a 4 to 6 inch length of pipe to the bottom of the filter screen to keep it well off the bottom. Filter screen can be easily cleaned with diesel fuel and a stiff fiber brush.

SPECIAL: We are including TWO cleaning brushes for this filter at no extra cost. And YES this filter will need cleaning regularly! When it starts to get plugged up just dip in diesel fuel and brush the crud off.


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