Frequently Asked Questions

Problems & Solutions

Q: Why the new website? 
A: When we originally started our web business in 1999 we quickly discovered that people needed more than just repair parts. They needed solutions to their technical problems. That required providing information on how to diagnose the problem as well as step-by-step instructions on how to fix it themselves. Nothing has changed since then. Recently we decided it was time to design and build a website that revolved around helping visitors find their own solutions. Welcome to the new Mercedessource.

Q: What if cannot find a solution to my problem?
A: If you cannot find your specific problem through our solutions finder it means the problem has not been addressed yet. Can you imagine just how many 'problems’ there are? Kent has to personally write all problem related content. We are working on addressing new technical problems daily. Send a problem request to us and we will add the problem to the list. If important or common enough, it may even become a video.

Q: What if I can not find the part I need on your website?
A: If you can not find it by using the general and refined search boxes or the solutions finder then it means we do not carry it. We currently do not or intend to offer all parts for older Mercedes Benz. We are a solutions website. If the part addresses a common problem and needs instructions written for installation then it is more likely we will carry it (at least currently up through 1993).  If you don’t see it we don’t have it.

Q: Why don’t you address more problems and have more parts for the newer Mercedes?
A: We are currently working on this but it will take time. Kent has to write the instructions, manuals, and problem text himself. Since we are just not another “parts warehouse” you will not see us just putting parts up for sale without related instructions, tools and supplies to fix the problem. 

My Account

Q: How do I register?
A: For website security we do not have a direct “register” link. You are automatically registered and provided with a personal account the first time you place an order. You do not need to register to fully view our technical help section, view Kent’s free videos, or browse or complete product line. 

Q: Why do I have be registered and logged in to ask a technical question?
A: We receive hundreds of emails a day. Over 60 percent are just asking for help to solve a technical problem. We just do not have the staff nor the time to answer all these questions. Many of these email requests require Kent’s input. Since he is now spending most of his time producing videos, he is just not available. Customers can still ask technical questions but we can not guarantee an answer to every question. 

Q:Why can't you answer my technical question?
A: Once again, it is just not humanly possible to answer every tech question we receive. And a computer certainly can’t!  At least we are trying with our new solutions finder...Easy questions from our customers can usually be answered. Complex questions will not be answered. (Ie. How to rebuild a transmission or repair your AC). RECOMMENDATION: Keep the question short and to the point. Relate it to one problem only and we will do our best to get you an answer. 

On-demand Products

Q: What is an on-demand video?
A: Videos listed as “on-demand” are video instructions, manuals and workshops that are available for purchase only on our website. These videos contain more depth and specific instructions than Kent’s free Youtube videos. Most address a very specific problem with clear and concise explanations of how to diagnose and repair it. 

Q: Where can I view my purchased on demand video?
A: On demand videos reside on our servers. They can not be downloaded. They reside in your account for viewing. This means if you are logged in to your account, you can view your on demand videos any time from any device. There is no limit to the number of views. 

Q: Where can I view a complete list of all Kent's On Demand Videos?
A: You can find a link at the bottom of the home, tech help and products pages. For a direct link for this page CLICK HERE.

Q: How do I download a PDF manual or instructional guide from your website?
A: After purchasing a PDF manual or instruction you will receive an email explaining how to download it. As with the on demand videos your PDF’s will reside inside your account on our website. Just log into your account and download your PDF.

Q: How many downloads am I allowed?
A: You are allowed UNLIMITED downloads to three different devices. Those can be to a computer or a mobile device that supports viewing a PDF. Log in to your account to view your PDF’s. You can download a PDF directly from you account.

Q: Where can I view a complete list of all Kent's PDF manual downloads?
A: You can find a link at the bottom of the home, tech help and products pages. For a direct link for this page CLICK HERE.

Ordering & Shipping

Q: Why do you not have a phone number?
A: To give faster and equal service to all our customers, we decided to transact all our business via web and email contact. It had become increasingly difficult to field questions and take product orders over the phone - and to respond back in a timely manner.  Since we made the switch, it has proven that email communication just works better for all. Try it out. Contact Us now.

Q: Why did I not receive a ship notification or tracking number?
A: If you do not receive notification of a shipment it is usually because your email service is blocking our emails. If you have high security settings they may be blocked as spam. Services like A.O.L and Yahoo block the most. Be sure to select in your email program that you accept emails from,, and When your package leaves our warehouse one email is sent out directly from the shipper with a tracking number. Another email is sent directly from us stating your order has been shipped.

Q: Do you have a minimum order?
A: We have a small order fee of $ 10.00 that applies to any domestic order under $ 30.00. We have a minimum purchase price of $ 100.00 for international orders.

Q: Why was my order not saved?
 For website security as well as inventory control on our best selling products, we are not able to allow a shopping cart to be saved indefinitely. You will normally need to submit an order the same day you place products in your cart or it will "disappear." If you are not able to place your order immediately, we suggest you use our WISH LIST. A wish list can be saved as long as you want and is available for use after you place your first order (create an account). You MUST be logged into your account to see the ADD TO WISH LIST button. The wish list summary is viewed on your account page.

Q: I want to place an international order but do not want to wait to get my digital content.
A: If you only order digital content ( PDFs and on demand videos) you can pay for those and checkout without waiting to get a shipping quote from us. If your order also contains parts and supplies that need to be shipped we recommend you submit 2 different orders. One with shippable items and one with digital content only. In that case you can receive your videos and downloads immediately. 

Q: Do you allow pickup orders at your warehouse?
A: We do not have a retail counter nor do we have the staff to handle drop in customers. so we are not able to provide pickup option. All orders have to be shipped. 

Q: What about used parts?
A: We do have a good selection of used parts currently on the website. But we have much more that are still in boxes and waiting to be posted. Check back on a regular basis as we will be adding “new” used parts weekly. To see our full list just lick on the used parts link on the bottom of home, tech help, or products page. CLICK HERE to view all used parts immediately.

Q: Do you do custom quotes for special parts that I might need?
A: Yes and no.  If you are having a hard time finding an expensive part or getting a good price on an expensive part you are welcome to contact us.  

Q: Can I get a quote from you for parts and shipping cost to my address?
A: For domestic addresses you can do this yourself by placing the parts and kits you want in your shopping cart and then selecting the shipping method you want. You will be shown a total and you can cancel your order anytime before submitting it. For international customers, submit an order to us and we will calculate an exact shipping amount and email you with the total. You are not required to complete your order unless you so choose.