NOW AVAILABLE - Full Repair Kit to Fix 1996 to 2006 5 Speed Transmission Shifting Problems

This is the solution to repair the common 722.6 shifting problem. Fix it yourself and save thousands $$$

Since transmission issues are becomming an increasing challenge for the owner of these older models, Kent went to work to put together this new DIY kit.  This is the most complete kit available on the market to help you repair the common problem with the 722.6 transmission locking up in limp-home-mode (won't shift out of second gear). The critical replacement components in the kit are genuine O.E. Mercedes electrical conductor plate and plug housing. You will receive some important supplies and full video instructions.

How to Search Kent's Videos

With over 1100 on Youtube and almost 200 on his website this will help

Almost everyday now we get requests for help trying to find a specific video. As of March 2017 Kent has produced almost 1300 videos and on average 3 to 4 new videos are being posted every week. It is hard for even us to keep track of them all and we can not answer questions unless YOU TELL US the specific video you are asking about.  Here is the best way to search Youtube video content:

My NUMBER ONE Warning That You Should Heed

There are a number of things that can break on an old car but this one will really leave your stranded!

From my own experience and from hearing from lots of other's experiences I can not stress enough - DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR IGNITION TUMBLER AND STEERING LOCK ASSEMBLY! If your key is starting to "stick" or "catch" in the tumbler then you shoud replace it before it will not turn and leave you stranded!  In the picture here the owner tried to drill it out, but let me tell you they do not drill out very well. If you neglect this warning you could end up spending hundreds of dollars instead of less than $50 for new new tumbler and keys.

Whats up with all these issues with Diesel Pre-chambers?

Kent explains how the prechamber works, what can go wrong and how to fix problems

Fuel Leaks. Air Leaks. Rough running diesel engine. All around your diesel injectors! Collar nuts might just need to be tightened, but could be too worn and need replacment! If you are having problems with your diesel prechambers we have tools and parts to help!

Below is a great Video Kent did on all the in's and out's of Prechambers and will explain in detail what each part is, how it works, and how to replace it. Watch the other two videos to see how the tools work along with a warning if you plan to remove a pre-chamber. 

Finding the Leak in the Suspension of an Airmatic equipped Mercedes

If you can find and repair the leak (s) yourself you can save Thousands $$$$

It is the end January 2017 and Kent has just finished filming a new video on how to find air leaks in an Airmatic suspension.  There is nothing like driving a Benz with Airmatic, but there is a price to pay... and that price does not need to be that much if you learn to diagnose and repair the leak (s) yourself. Do not be afraid to tackle these systems! Kent will make it easy for you to save lots of money if you are willing to learn and apply knowledge. 


New Ways to Thoroughly Clean Gas Engine Fuel Injectors

Many of the older injectors will need to be "back flushed"

Not all older MFI and CIS fuel injectors are "restorable." Some are just plain worn out. If the tip is worn out or damaged there is nothing you can do to repair that. There are no replacement parts available for Bosch mechanical gas fuel injectors. You can not replace the tip. The fuel injector is sealed up tight during the manufacturing process.

May is Read a Book Month!

Summer is upon us - Road Trip fever is here!

This is the Best Time of the Year…to Smell the Flowers… and to Work on Your Benz..

Full Service Brake Tips

Do a full brake service on your older Benz BEFORE hitting the road.

This is that time of year we pull our prized Mercedes out of winter storage and get it ready to hit the road. Just today (April 8) it was 72 degrees and bright blue skies here in Bellingham. Tomorrow I am going to put the top down and take Happier (my 280SL) for a tour of the countryside. :-)

Kent's Garage Episode 20

250SL Brakes Rebuild or Replace, Shrunk SL Top, Cleaning Rotors, 300TD SLS

In this episode Kent shows what he found wrong with the brakes on a 1967 250SL. Why was it so costly to repair anyway? He discusses the causes of sticking brakes and challenges he faces to find a way to help owners of older Mercedes or any other old car to prevent having to do these type of extensive and costly repairs. When it comes to brakes nothing beats prevention. The same could be said for the self leveling suspension on a 300TD wagon. Work starts this coming week on helping the owner find out why his rear suspension is acting so badly and what it is going to take to fix it. 

Kent's Garage Episode 18

W211 Door Panel, Green Ghost, Happier Door Lube, Beast Awakens, Milling Machine

Kent will show you all the things he has been working on in his shop this past week. The W211 E500 gets a new driver door seat switch. The 300SEL 6.3 "The Beast" was brought out of hibernation and is going to get some TLC. See the new tool that just arrived for the machine shop. Happier gets some smooth closing doors. 

To help fund Kent's videos go to this channels home page and click on SUPPORT on the right side of the page

Kent's Garage Episode 16

Welcome the "Green Ghost," 560SEC and 240D Wrap Up, New Kits, 280SL Door Hinges, Eagle Watch River Trip

It was a super busy week at the shop. Kent wrapped up two projects which included some super extreme engine detailing, oil leak repair, and major diesel engine tuning. That work was done just in time to move the SEC and 240D out of the shop and welcome in the “Green Ghost.” This is the newest member of Kent’s fleet. Follow along in the future as he attempts to save it.

Kent's Garage Episode 15

560SEC engine leaks and fluid, Pressure tank revised, Spark Plugs, Super Wipes and More

In this video Kent explains what has been going on this past week in his shop and as a surprise move he is considering purchasing a damaged W116 300SD sedan. Is he crazy? Doesn't he already have enough cars? Check out this weeks episode and cast your vote whether or not he should buy this car. You are either going to love or hate the color - especially the color of the interior.

Kent’s Garage Episode 11

New Rescue, Maintenance Records, Door Lube, Safety, & Detailing

There is something for everyone is this video. Even if you don’t like working on cars you will get a good laugh out of watching. He will go over a number of different topics and even leave in a few “bloopers.” You will soon realize he is back on his lubrication “high horse” again. Here is a list of what he covers in this video:

Kent’s Garage Episode 9

Antenna Lube, favorite tool and product, special shock tool, intro to new coupe #2

In last weeks episode Kent listed what he feels are the 12 most common areas on neglect on your older Mercedes when it comes to proper lubrication. This week he will focus on the power antenna and what you need to do to keep in healthy. He will ramble on about some other special tools and products but the highlight of this episode in your getting to see his new Mercedes coupe #2.

Kent’s Garage Episode 8

LED Interior Lights, Glass Scratch Polish, Diesel IP Timing, 12 Lube Neglect, Kent's New Coupes, Night Work Lights

In this episode Kent explains how events always seem to occur in threes. He will give you a run down of the three new product kits he has been working on this past week. These include an interior LED light conversion kit, a windshield scratch removal and glass polish kit, and a diesel injection pump timing kit. He will explain some of the things he has been learning about led bulbs for older Mercedes, and give you a glimpse of how he was successful at coming up with a procedure to precisely and easily adjust the injection pump timing on Mercedes diesel engines.

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

Check out our deals!

It is that time of year when we pause to be thankful for what we have. I am most thankful for my wife, my three children, and my new grand children.

Cyber Week Sale: You know I am a big fan of preventative maintenance (PM). In my book, the pinnacle of neglect is lack of lubrication. Someone recently asked me to list the most important areas that never seem to get lubricated. I came up with "Kent’s Big 12".

Kent’s Garage Episode 7!!!

240D engine update, plastic polish, shock absorbers, LED update, diesel oil, “road feel” and more

In this episode Kent will give you a brief update on his 1976 240D and explain why he is going to move that project into a separate video series. You will get to see the polish he uses to restore and seal old black hard plastic parts on a car. Watch how he keeps diesel fuel injectors from getting rusty on the engine.

Kent’s Garage: Episode 6

Making your engine pretty, Q and A and saving big $$$ on car repairs

In this episode Kent will give you an update on his 1976 240D. Painting the engine block has made a huge improvement on how the engine looks now. You will get to see the paint brushes and techniques he uses to apply just the right sheen of black enamel. Next he will tackle the aluminum parts. Here are some of the other topics he covers in this video.

Kent’s Garage: Episode 5

Things are really heating up around the shop. There is more work to do and not enough time to do it

This is a summary of what is covered in this weeks show:
Old diesel Engine preparation for cosmetic restoration, custom tools made with needle nose pliers, production of fuel injector pressure testers and kit supplies, new warm white LED dash lights, cup holders for the older models, Questions and Answers, Beast update, reference to new series on buying a 1986 to 1995 Mercedes and what he is working on for next week’s show.

This week in Kent's Garage: Episode 4

Here is a summary of this weeks episode. The featured subject is a 1976 240D as he sets out to make it look beautiful

  • Extreme engine compartment detailing on old W115 diesel
  • Removing fuel injectors and glow plugs
  • Reaming carbon out of pre-chambers
  • Inspection of fuel injections
  • Kent’s favorite tool of the week
  • Sneak peak of Kent’s new baby
  • Q and A
  • LED bulb comparison
  • W115 engine short comings
  • Status of work on 1976 240D
  • What is coming next week

Kent’s Garage Episode 3!!!

Here is the summary of this weeks episode. The featured subject is a 2000 hour reliability inspection that he is doing on a W220 S500. He also covers the following:

Check out some of the things Kent has been working on in his shop this past week. He filmed well past when the cows came home, came up with a couple new products and kits, fixed a W124 with a loose shifter, and repaired a bunch of things on the S500 and then moved it out of the shop. The 1976 240D is front and center now and with get some top end service work and some extreme engine rust and corrosion detailing.

Episode 2 of Kent’s Garage Now Available for Viewing

This weeks theme focuses on gas engine starting problems on C.I.S. engines

Kent has been working pretty hard the past few months trying to complete his first video CLASS. The drive behind this almost 3 hour seminar is simple! 

October 8th: What Has Been Happening Around the Shop This Past Week

This is all summed up in Kent’s new weekly Youtube show “Kent’s Garage.”

Now, instead of having to read through a bunch of text to hear the latest news, you can just sit back and watch a video of Kent explaining the products and videos and cars he has been working on since last Tuesday. 

 More diesel engine maintenance tip videos have been filmed and will be posted on youtube this week. Listen as he answers technical questions submitted by viewers!

Sunroof Service "OR" Repair

You get the “catch?” If you don’t service it you will be repairing it!

Many owners forget that sunroofs need to be serviced. If neglected there is a price to pay. The NUMBER ONE cause of sunroof failure is lack of lubrication! When a sunroof can not slide easily on the tracks due to dried out lubricant and dirty slides, it puts a heavy strain on the drive mechanism. This leads to tilt arm, motor drive and cable failures. Even manually operated sunroofs can suffer from broken handles and latch mechanisms due to lack of proper lubrication.

2000 Hour Inspection and Service

Kent shares some similarities between automotive and aircraft maintenance

So what is a 2000 hour inspection? How do you know when you have 2000 hours on your car? Many aircraft engine manufactures recommend rebuilding the engine at or around 2000 hours.

DIY Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

Check out our growing playlist of DIY Diesel Engine Tips

Over the next several months he will be working on a series of videos that focus on specific maintenance tips related to the older diesel engines. New videos will be added weekly. Most will be very specific and will run 3 to 8 minutes in length.

I Can Help You Solve Your Ignition Key and Steering Lock Problems

If you are having problems with a sticking key, a fussy steering lock...

If you are having problems with a sticking key, a fussy steering lock, a malfunctioning electrical switch or worse yet - a key that will not turn, I have the solutions to help you fix it yourself. In fact, for the 1975 to 1995 Mercedes models my website has the most the complete set of resources to help you fix these problems of any website in the world!