Sunroof Service "OR" Repair

Sunroof Service "OR" Repair

You get the “catch?” If you don’t service it you will be repairing it!

Many owners forget that sunroofs need to be serviced. If neglected there is a price to pay. The NUMBER ONE cause of sunroof failure is lack of lubrication! When a sunroof can not slide easily on the tracks due to dried out lubricant and dirty slides, it puts a heavy strain on the drive mechanism. This leads to tilt arm, motor drive and cable failures. Even manually operated sunroofs can suffer from broken handles and latch mechanisms due to lack of proper lubrication.

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Service becomes even more critical on older models. If the car is only 10 to 15 years old and has not been lubricated, in most cases you can open up the sunroof and lubricate it from to top. But if the car is 20 plus years old, the only way to properly lubricate it is to remove the panel from the car. There is not other way to really clean and lubricate the plastic and felt slides. You should see how dirty and gummed up they get from age, even if they have been lubricated from the “outside” before.

Because of all the problems I have seen with sunroofs over the years, I have developed a number of products that can help you get your sunroof panel off, clean and lubricate it and repair it yourself if need be  These include manuals, videos, service kits, repair kits, and replacement parts. 

To help you service or repair your own sunroof, I am putting all our sunroof products on sale for a limited time. Remember - an ounce of prevention will save you big bucks down the road. 

- Kent Bergsma

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