Tilting Power Sunroof Panel Removal and Replacement

The panel must be removed to properly repair and/or lubricate the tilting arm mechanism.

When repairing a power tilting sunroof from 1986 to 1995 it should begin with removing the roof panel and fully inspecting, cleaning and lubricating the angular tilting arm assemblies. Lack of lubrication or failure of these arms usually lead to failure of the cable or motor drive assembly. And lack of lubrication usually is the key reason that the arms bend, crack and eventually completely fail.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


Let Kent show you how to properly remove the sunroof panel and get it back in without damage. He even shows you how to remove one that is stuck closed (and you won't find that in any manual!) For years we have received requests from our customers for Kent to write a manual on these newer sunroofs. It was just too much work to write and explain all the intricate details - so enter the videos. The first video finished was Part 1 which covers removal and replacement of the sunroof panel. This covers those models from 1986 to 1995 that have a power sunroof that tilts in the back to a venting position

The other four parts in this video series cover the following: 

Part 2: Angular tilting arm removal, service, repair and installation. If the motor is running and the roof will not close or open properly then one or both of the tilting arms may be broken, cracked or out of adjustment. This is the most difficult part of tilting sunroof repair. Kent explains the process in part 2 in great detail.

Part 3: Sunroof cable removal and replacement. Removing a cable is easy if it is not damaged and the motor drive is working properly. But that is not always the case. In this video Kent shows you how to remove a badly damaged cable and how to lubricate and properly install a new one. 

Part 4: Sunroof motor and drive gear assembly removal and repair. If the motor is not running or the motor is running and the roof is not moving this is the video manual you will want to watch first. Kent explains how to test the motor, drive it manually, remove it, take the drive mechanism apart, inspect and lubricate it, put it all back together and install it back into the trunk. 

Part 5: Adjusting the tilting roof. There are a number of adjustments that need to be made to assure that these roofs run and close properly and to prevent premature failure. This video covers these final adjustments after you have repaired any damage and have fully lubricated all related components properly.