Sunroof Lubrication Kit with Genuine Mercedes Factory Track and Pad Grease

All Models with manual and power sunroof 1961 to 1995

Do you have a manual or power sunroof that is working poorly or maybe not at all? Does it move slowly in the morning, but when it heats up during the day it works just fine? Do you have to assist it by hand to get it fully opened or closed? The very best way to prevent costly repairs to your sunroof is to lubricate it every 6 months. This kit includes the following:

Sunroof Lubrication Kit with Genuine Mercedes Factory Track and Pad Grease

Product Details

  • Small container of Mercedes factory sunroof track grease (to do one or possibly two sunroofs)
  • Modified curved tip syringe to apply grease to tight or hard to reach locations
  • Acid brush to spread grease out in the tracks
  • Pair of nitrile gloves

Kent is seeing more and more costly power sunroof failures due to lack of lubrication. It is only going to get worse as these old Benz age. Stripped sunroof motor gears, damaged cable threads, bent and broken arms, lost felt pads, damaged or missing rollers, burned out sunroof motor - these are the most common problems due to the lack of regular cleaning and lubrication.  NO INSTRUCTIONS are included. Detailed instructions can be found in one of our kits or manuals.

The factory grease must be used as it is specifically designed to properly lubricate the felt feet and plastic slides.

The syringe can be a big help when trying to get just the right amount of grease in the tracks.


Kent has written a step-by-step manual for the power NON-TILTING SUNROOF that is easy to read so you can get your early sunroof working properly again. to It contains information that you will not see in any other manual. Look below to view the manual.

Look below to view the entire kit (non-tilting)

CLICK HERE to view Kent's Sunroof VIDEO (non-tilting)

Manuals on the service and repair of the tilting sunroof will hopefully available in the fall of 2012. These are the roofs that can cost hurdreds of dollars to repair if they are ot properly lubricated on a regular basis. Kent plans to show you example after example!

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