Manual Operating Sunroof Service and Repair

Ignore it and you will be sorry! Can you remove and service it yourself?

The manual sunroof seems to get neglected even more than the power sunroof.  Maybe it's because it just always works and why spend time on something that is not jammed or broken. The fact is, the manual sunroof has more lubrication points that the power non-tilting sunroof. Kent has seen a number of failures on the manual roof and in EVERY case the failure has been due to lack of lubrication. 

Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:

W108 W109
W110 W111 W112 Sedan
W111 W112 Coupe

The number one failure is a broken chrome T handle. They break because they are under stress. They are under stress due to lack of lubrication on the latching mechanism.The best way to lubricate the plastic slides, felt fee, and latching mechanism is to remove the sunroof panel from the car. The latching mechanism can then be easily removed for the sunroof allowing you to lubricate the latching pivot pin points, bar slides and handle bushing. There is no way to throughly clean and lubricate all critical points without removing the roof. Once you do get it out you will be able to inspect more closely for rust and other related potential problems. 

Kent recommends using the extreme pressure moly grease for the latching mechanism and the factory Mercedes sunroof grease for the tracks, felt pads and plastic slides. Kent has just finished filming a full featured instructional video on the manual sunroof. Please refer to the related products listed to the right. 

When you do remove the panel you should consider replacing the seals if they are hardened or badly worn. We carry all the seals along with a companion manual to explain how to install them. If you see any rust at all in the sunroof forward and side water troughs you will want to have some miracle paint on hand to seal the rust. Ignore the rust and you will have an unbelievable big problem of water leaks to deal with in the future!

For information on servicing and repairing power sunroofs please see related products.